2016 US Nationals Junior Ladies Free Skate

Group 1

Brynne McIsaac: 80.36 Total: 120.46

  • Triple flip + double toe
  • Good twisted sit spin position with nice speed
  • Her skating reminds me a little bit of Akiko Suzuki
  • Nice spirals into a really pretty double axel
  • Gorgeous Ina Bauer
  • Nice triple loop, almost sits down on the landing and hangs on
  • Triple flip a little scratchy on the landing but hangs on
  • Feed jumped forward a bit and missed a few jumps
  • Good positions in her combination spin with a nice Biellman
  • Triple loop two footed landing
  • Good camel position
  • There is so much to like about her skating

Anna Grace Davidson: 76.46 Total: 123.15 and into 1st place

  • Triple salchow + double toe
  • Triple flip  flip out and awkward fall
  • Triple toe + double toe
  • Good speed in the camel spin into a nice donut position and picking up speed thorough the catchfoot
  • Triple toe turnout
  • Double axel + loop + double loop
  • Good speed in the combination spin into a haircutter and Biellman
  • Triple salchow and another awkward fall
  • No speed into the double axel but pulls it off
  • Camel spin into a not so great illusion spin but the rest of the positions are good with good speed
  • A bit choppy in the step sequence and I’d like to see her really flow across the ice

Shannon Porter: 84.39 Total: 127.35 and into 1st place

  • Triple flip two footed landing and a fall
  • Triple loop squeaks free leg out + double toe
  • Really nice catch foot in the camel spin with good speed
  • She is all legs which gives her the potential for some really gorgeous lines and positions
  • Triple salchow + single toe
  • Triple toe really struggles to get the free leg out
  • A bit choppy and on top of the ice in the step sequence with a stiff upper body in places; I feel like she could let this really float across the ice and use those long legs to really power through the edges
  • Good speed and a nice haircutter in her combination spin
  • Triple salchow
  • Double axel + loop + double flip
  • Double axel
  • Good speed in her twisted sit spin but an awkward final position

Paige Rydberg: 80.39 Total: 121.74 and into 3rd place

  • Triple flip fall
  • So much height and ice coverage on her triple toe + triple toe
  • Nice camel spin position into a nice catchfoot
  • Triple flip just sat down on the landing
  • Triple loop two foots kind of slides and has to put a hand down
  • Triple salchow + double toe
  • A bit slow in her step sequence and she looks like she’s going through the motions a bit
  • Double axel
  • She gets so much ice coverage on her jumps
  • Nice positions in the combination spin
  • Really nice spiral
  • Double axel step out
  • Nice speed in her layback and really gorgeous position into a nice Biellman
  • Rough day for the jumps but there is so much quality on so many things

Vanna Giang: 83.34 Total: 128.54 and into 1st place

  • She could be down a bit further in her sit spin positions but lovely speed
  • Triple flip + double toe + double loop
  • Triple lutz + double toe a bit questionable on edge
  • Her posture is slightly forward as she skates
  • A bit choppy and stiff in the step sequence and she’s looking down at the ice
  • Nice double axel + double axel sequence
  • Really pretty layback spin position into a fairly nice Biellman
  • Good triple flip
  • Triple lutz–she doesn’t quite get all the way to the outside edge
  • Triple salchow
  • She can work on the landing position on these jumps and really getting the free leg out and standing up tall
  • Two footed and shorted the rotation on her triple toe
  • Nice speed on her final spin with a good camel position and nice scratch spin
  • She’ll get dinged a bit on GOE but she stood up on all of her jumps!

Akari Nakahara: 84.23 Total: 128.33 and into 2nd place

  • Triple lutz + double toe with both arms overhead
  • Triple flip
  • Triple toe
  • Nice donut position with good speed
  • Nice lightness in the step sequence and use of her full body but if could still be smoothed out a bit
  • Triple flip + double toe with both arms overhead
  • Triple toe step out
  • Triple salchow
  • Spiral into a double axel + double axel sequence flip out and then fall
  • Great Biellman position with really nice speed
  • Nie camel spin position into a nice overhead
  • Ended just a hair after her music


Group 2

Vivian Le: 109.34 Total: 166.36 and into 1st place

  • She is in 2nd place after the short program, nearly 10 points off the lead
  • She seems to be shaking out a lot of nerves getting to her spot
  • Triple lutz way off in the air and she lands on her hip
  • Triple loop
  • Double axel + triple toe nicely done
  • Nice toe point in her sit spin
  • Great camel position into a nice donut and then catch foot picking up speed after the change of foot
  • Triple lutz hangs on + double toe
  • Triple flip has to tap the free leg
  • Triple salchow never gets her feet under her and falls
  • Nice movement and flow through the step sequence with use of her full body and extension all the way through the lines–I love that even though she’s had mistakes she’s still committing to the program and the performance
  • Ina Bauer
  • Double axel + double toe + double loop
  • Camel spin into an ok illusion and really nice Biellman
  • Ending after the music
  • That won’t be enough to overtake Emily for 1st but still a solid effort

Emily Chan: 114.09 Total: 180.83 and into 1st place

  • She was in first with a nearly 10 point lead after the short and Le made mistakes, so she’s got some room to make errors
  • Triple toe flip out
  • Triple flip really nice landing
  • Triple loop a little forward on the landing but hangs on
  • Nice speed and position in the camel spin into a nice upright spin with a catchfoot
  • Triple salchow + double toe
  • Double axel + double toe + double loop really nice and a lot of ice coverage
  • Gorgeous arabesque spiral
  • Triple salchow really nice
  • Great double axel
  • Good speed in her sit spin
  • Really nice step sequence with good power across the ice and a nice effortless quality
  • Good camel position with a lot of speed and ending with a really nice Biellman
  • Just a hair off her music at the end
  • That should be more than enough to win even without the triple + triple

Carly Berrios: 60.57 Total: 113.59 and into 9th place

  • She was in third place after the short
  • Popped her opening salchow into a double
  • Popped her lutz
  • She seems a bit slow and hesitant today and just can’t get the pop on these jumps
  • Popped loop
  • Pretty Biellman position in the combo spin
  • Triple flip never gets her feet under her and a hard fall onto her hip
  • Double toe + double toe + double loop
  • Broken leg sit spin into a tuck position
  • Poor girl you can tell her heart’s not in it anymore in this step sequence; this is not how she wanted this program to go
  • Nice double axel on the music
  • Double toe
  • Good camel spin position into a nice layback and ending with a really nice upright catch foot

Rebecca Peng: 96.94 Total: 146.14 and into 3rd place

  • She was in 6th place after the short, just over 2 points from the podium and less than 4 points from 3rd
  • Triple flip + double toe
  • Big lead up to triple lutz and she might not have been all the way on her outside edge
  • Double axel + loop + double salchow
  • Nice tucked position in her sit spin with good speed
  • Nice speed and use of her arms and hands to accentuate her step sequence
  • Triple loop + double toe
  • A lot of these jumps are going to have to be checked for rotation
  • Triple flip looked a little two footed on the landing
  • Triple salchow hangs on to it
  • Nice speed throughout her combo spin
  • Triple loop hangs on to it
  • A bit slow on the camel spin and ends after the music
  • She must have won a bet because Tom Z is doing pushups in the Kiss and Cry

Alice Yang: 89.96 Total: 141.44 and into 4th place

  • She was in 4th after the short
  • Triple flip + double toe + double loop–first jump was HUGE
  • Triple toe + double toe with one arm variation
  • Nice positions and speed throughout her combo spin
  • Triple flip feet get crossed underneath her and she falls
  • She needs more Spanish flair in the choreography and attitude in this step sequence and there are some edge changes that aren’t clean
  • Double axel + double axel sequence
  • Her jumps are so big and she has gorgeous positions in the air
  • Double loop with one arm overhead
  • Nice overhead leg catch spin
  • Triple salchow just sat down on the landing and fell
  • Triple toe
  • I think she just needs a bit more confidence and performance skills but she really is a lovely skater with a lot of talent
  • Gorgeous layback into a fast Biellman
  • Finished just after her music

Megan Wessenberg: 103.40 Total: 154.21 and into 3rd place

  • She was in 5th after the short, less than 1 point from the podium and just over 2 points from 3rd
  • Nice triple flip
  • Triple salchow + double toe–she rotates so fast!
  • Nice speed in the sit spin
  • She is really connecting to the music in this step sequence but her posture is slightly hunched and some of her edge changes aren’t clean
  • Double axel + triple toe squeaks out that free leg
  • Triple toe + double toe + double loop under-rotated on the final jump
  • Good twisted camel position but she needs more stretch in her Biellman
  • Good triple salchow
  • Double axel
  • Good speed in her final spin but just a hair off the music
Place Start Name Short Program Free Skate Total Score
Place Score Place Score
1 8 Emily Chan, Dallas FSC 1 66.74 1 114.09 180.83
2 7 Vivian Le, Dallas FSC 2 57.02 2 109.34 166.36
3 12 Megan Wessenberg, SC of Boston 5 50.81 3 103.40 154.21
4 10 Rebecca Peng, SC of Boston 6 49.20 4 96.94 146.14
5 11 Alice Yang, St. Moritz ISC 4 51.48 5 89.96 141.44
6 5 Vanna Giang, All Year FSC 8 45.20 8 83.34 128.54
7 6 Akari Nakahara, All Year FSC 9 44.10 7 84.23 128.33
8 3 Shannon Porter, Broadmoor SC 10 42.96 6 84.39 127.35
9 2 Anna Grace Davidson, Salt Lake Figure Skating 7 46.69 11 76.46 123.15
10 4 Paige Rydberg, Northern Ice SC 11 41.35 9 80.39 121.74
11 1 Brynne McIsaac, Washington FSC 12 40.10 10 80.36 120.46
12 9 Carly Berrios, Greenville FSC 3 53.02 12 60.57 113.59