2018 Olympic Games Team Event Free Dance

Muramoto/Reed, JPN: 44.69 TES +|44.19 PCS -1.00 = 87.88

  • A bit off on the timing to open their twizzles
  • He gets back on his heel on a turn and falls during the step sequence; has another bobble later in the sequence…they earned only a Level 1 for the element and it was worth only 2.60 points with GOEs, 1.60 if you take into account the 1 point deduction.  That’s a huge loss of points
  • Really nice stationary lift with lots of changes of position and really highlights the music
  • This is such a subtle, quiet piece of music and it really demands perfection to really sell the performance and they don’t have that ability yet
  • They earned a Level 4 for their diagonal step sequence, which is very hard to come by–nice recovery to end their program
  • Their diagonal step sequence earned 9.39 points after GOEs were taken into account and that is a big point getter for them

Cappellini/Lanotte, ITA: 52.70 TES + 54.30 PCS = 107.00 and into 1st place

  • Really nice upside down stationary lift but a bit of awkwardness getting out of it
  • Just a hair off on the ending of their first twizzle, but the rest of the sequence was very nice
  • Great extension from her on the straight-line lift with him skating backwards on one foot
  • Really nice exit out of their spin with her almost going into a death spiral position
  • The diagonal step sequence seems a bit slow
  • Overall they seem to be slowing down a bit throughout the program
  • This program doesn’t really grab you and make you remember it although there is a lot to like technically
  • Level 4 on everything but the step sequences which earned Level 3

Bobrova/Soloviev, RUS: 54.72 TES + 55.71 PCS = 110.43 and into 1st place

  • Nice twizzles and I really enjoy the extra little details like the foot kicks in the exits and transitions that add to the music and are all perfectly timed
  • Nice straightline lift with her on his knees in a handstand and he lets go for a moment; lots of core strength from her
  • Really nice quality of movement and use of the arms and upper body to carry the story in the straight line step sequence
  • Really great rotational lift with her upside down and arched away from him…it really creates a nice picture
  • Great interpretation of the music and feeling in the diagonal step sequence
  • She has come such a long way as a skater and performer and this team is truly a joy to watch now
  • Level 4 on everything but the step sequences which earned Level 3

Shibutani/Shibutani, USA: 56.41 TES + 55.60 PCS = 112.01 and into 1st place

  • Nice timing on the spin with the music; with a nice exit jump under his arm
  • This step sequence seems a lot freer than nationals and is blending into the program more and looking less like an element
  • Such precision in their first lift, hitting all the musical accents
  • Fabulous twizzle sequence
  • Nice backwards leap into a rotational lift picking up speed
  • They are going to be disappointed in these scores–Level 3 on their spin and circular step sequence and only a Level 2 on their diagonal step sequence
  • Review was kinder to them, and gave them Level 4 on spin and Level 3 on diagonal steps

Virtue/Moir, CAN: 59.25 TES + 58.85 PCS = 118.10 and into 1st place


Pl. Name Nation TSS
1 VIRTUE Tessa / MOIR Scott CAN 118.10 59.25 58.85 9.61 9.61 9.93 9.93 9.96 0.00 #5
2 SHIBUTANI Maia / SHIBUTANI Alex USA 112.01 56.41 55.60 9.32 9.18 9.36 9.18 9.29 0.00 #4
3 BOBROVA Ekaterina / SOLOVIEV Dmitri OAR 110.43 54.72 55.71 9.21 9.11 9.36 9.36 9.39 0.00 #3
4 CAPPELLINI Anna / LANOTTE Luca ITA 107.00 52.70 54.30 8.96 8.79 9.07 9.14 9.29 0.00 #2
5 MURAMOTO Kana / REED Chris JPN 87.88 44.69 44.19 7.32 7.29 7.14 7.68 7.39 1.00 #1

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