2018 Olympic Games Team Event Pairs Free Skate

Suzaki/Kihara, JPN: 49.24 TES + 49.43 PCS -1.00  = 97.67

  • Side by side triple lutzes–very difficult element and a nice point bonus, but off on their timing going into it and very far apart
  • Triple twist
  • Slow into the lift and a basic exit but a nice position
  • Throw triple lutz and she sits down on the landing and falls
  • Good unison to start their spin, losing it a bit and then finding it again
  • The choreography seems a bit forced and they don’t really commit to it
  • Side by side triple toe combo she two footed the first jump and they struggled through the rest of the combo
  • Very slow on the pairs spin coming almost to a stop between positions
  • She needs more stretch and to grab her foot faster in the hand to hand lift
  • Throw triple salchow two footed and hands down; just not enough power to finish the jump
  • Nice star position in their final lift
  • If you’re skating to Romeo and Juliet the connection has to be there and they just don’t have it
  • Level 4 on the spins and final two lifts

Marchei/Hotarek, ITA: 72.02 TES + 67.42 PCS -1.00 = 138.44 and into 1st place

  • Triple twist and he catches her on the ice
  • side by side triple toes were nice
  • Good side by side triple salchow + double toe + double toe
  • Good speed and nice one arm exit on their first Group 5 lift
  • Really nice landing position on the throw triple loop
  • A bit of a loss of unison on their side by side spins but they started and ended nicely
  • Nice backward entry into the Group 5 lift and no hands on the position change or exit from her
  • Nice press into the Group 3 lift into a platter but it’s a bit choppy on some of his turns
  • Nice flexibility from her on the dance lift on the exit from their final lift
  • Really good throw triple lutz
  • Level 4 on their lifts and spins
  • Very solid program from them and they’ve just been getting stronger and stronger all season

Scimeca Knierim/Knierim, USA: 64.82 TES + 62.74 PCS -1.00 = 126.56 and into 2nd place

  • Really nice height and a clean catch on their triple twist
  • Big throw triple salchow and nicely timed with the music
  • He steps out of the side by side triple salchow but they hang on
  • He falls on the side by side triple toes and they can’t complete the combo; they left a lot of points on the table
  • Nice position with a twist exit in their first lift
  • Nice entry into the lasso lift
  • Throw triple flip and she really hangs on to it
  • Good unison on the side by side spins but they need more stretch through their positions
  • Level 4 on their lifts and spins and death spiral

Duhamel/Radford, CAN: 77.26 TES + 71.25 PCS = 148.51 and into 1st place

  • Triple twist fairly clean
  • Side by side triple lutz, he looked a tad two footed
  • Throw quad salchow hands down
  • Really nice side by side triple salchow + double toe + double toe with nice unison
  • A few of the transitional moments seem a bit forced and don’t really flow like they should
  • Great speed in their first Group 5 lift
  • Throw triple lutz not a lot of distance but she lands it
  • I’m a little shocked that they’re not using the edited version of this music and I’m not sure if they’ll get points deducted for the language
  • Nice star position into a great carry with him in a spread eagle
  • I wish they had a bit more abandon in this performance and stopped thinking through it and really just let it happen
  • Level 4 spins and lifts

Zabiiako/Enbert, RUS: 68.06 TES + 66.22 PCS -1.00 = 133.28 and into 3rd place

  • Nice triple twist
  • A bit off on the triple toe + double toe + double loop but they got all the jumps in
  • She doubled the side by side triple salchow
  • Not a lot of height on the throw triple flip
  • She has great posture in the hand to hand positions in the lifts
  • Nice unison through the beginning of their side by side spins, off a bit on the change of foot
  • Big throw triple loop
  • She stumbles and falls on a transitional move but they get it back in time for their final lift
Pl. Name Nation TSS
1 DUHAMEL Meagan / RADFORD Eric CAN 148.51 77.26 71.25 8.96 8.79 8.96 8.93 8.89 0.00 #4
2 MARCHEI Valentina / HOTAREK Ondrej ITA 138.44 72.02 67.42 8.18 8.21 8.54 8.64 8.57 1.00 #2
3 ZABIIAKO Natalia / ENBERT Alexander OAR 133.28 68.06 66.22 8.39 8.07 8.18 8.39 8.36 1.00 #5
4 SCIMECA KNIERIM A / KNIERIM C USA 126.56 64.82 62.74 7.82 7.68 7.82 7.96 7.93 1.00 #3
5 SUZAKI Miu / KIHARA Ryuichi JPN 97.67 49.24 49.43 6.39 5.93 6.04 6.29 6.25 1.00 #1

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