2018 US Nationals Senior Free Dance


Klopstock/Schedl: 28.95 TES + 25.17 PCS -2.00 = 52.12  Total: 89.28

  • I like the placement of the twizzles with the music but they lost sync with each other
  • Pretty basic lift with some awkward change into the second position
  • They botched the transition in their dance spin and had a moment where they stood there
  • He bobbles on a turn in their serpentine step sequence
  • Her shoulders just seem to be a bit lifted and tight throughout this program
  • Rotational lift a bit clunky on the transition out and he falls getting into the next sequence
  • I’d like to see them develop a wider range of emotions in telling this story
  • He falls again at the end of their diagonal step sequence
  • Nice choreographic lift to end the program
  • They earned Level 4 on their lifts but only Level 1 on both step sequences
  • They earned mostly negative GOEs

Bain/Altukhov: 28.89 TES + 20.36 PCS -1.00 = 48.25 Total: 79.42 and into 2nd place

  • Exogenesis is such a subtle piece of music and really requires a level of performance that takes years to achieve and is not what I would have picked for a first year partnership
  • Off on their twizzles through all the rotations and the spacing kept changing
  • Nice opening straight-line lift with him in a squat position
  • You can see the concentration written all over her face and her entire upper body is tight
  • In the changes of hold she is really reaching for him and grabbing tight in the transitions instead of letting it flow
  • A few places where they seem to either be too far apart or too close to each other in the step sequence
  • This music is really just making their skating seem slow and clunky
  • They also need to work on their connection with each other as I don’t think she’s looked at him once this entire program
  • Some nice positions in the dance spin but almost swing to a stop a the end and a bobble
  • Level 4 twizzles, rotational lift
  • Basic level on their circular step sequence and Level 1 on diagonal step sequence

Reynolds/Reynolds: 38.19 TES + 31.81 PCS = 70.00  Total: 110.92 and into 1st place

  • Cool hydroblade lift with her in a haircutter position
  • Pretty good twizzles, just off on the last rotation of the third set
  • Nice slid entry into their dance spin; could use a bit more stretch through the positions
  • The program seems a bit slow though the middle putting both step sequences back to back
  • Some really nice transitions in and out of the lifts for them
  • They’ve really come a long way and have improved each year
  • Level 4 lifts, twizzles, Level 1 on their step sequences
  • Positive GOEs on all but one element

Biechler/Dodge: 44.01 TES + 37.83 PCS = 81.84  Total: 137.37 and into 1st place

  • Nice twizzles and I love the arm changes within the sequences
  • Love the lift around his head and then a pop to a cradle catch
  • Love the choreographic spin in this program
  • Nice placement of the step sequence with the music
  • Nice twist jump into a stationary rotational lift
  • She loses her balance in the step sequence and steps out but does not fall
  • Really enjoyed the fierceness they brought to the program and the way they attacked the step sequences
  • Looks like her blade might not be on her skate properly
  • Level 4 twizzles, spin, lifts
  • Level 1 step sequence and only negative GOE



Pogrebinsky/Benoit: 54.61 TES + 46.96 PCS = 101.57 Total: 167.98 and into 1st place

  • Great positions from her in the dance spin
  • Great leaned back spread eagle from him in the curve lift
  • Great ease and connection from them in the first step sequence really carrying the theme of the program through
  • Good timing through all of their twizzles
  • Great step up to a stationary rotational lift
  • They truly have some stunning lift positions including the rotational lift behind his back in a full split
  • This program truly plays to the great chemistry they have as a team and really shows off all of their strengths
  • Level 4 on everything but the serpentine step sequence and all positive GOEs

Aldridge/Eaton: 47.51 TES + 45.21 PCS = 92.72  Total: 153.93 and itno 2nd place

  • Off on the timing in their twizzles
  • Great speed going into their step sequence and I love how they go into it from a behind the back position
  • Really great transition into their rotational lift just coming out of nowhere
  • I love the transitional movement of him pulling her into a camel spin, skating away, and then coming back and grabbing her foot
  • Looks like they might have had some difficult in their second lift and maybe didn’t quite get into their planned position
  • Such a fun classic program that really suited their strengths and showed why they had so much success as a team
  • Level 4 lifts, diagonal step sequence with all positive GOEs

Manta/Johnson: 50.07 TES + 42.64 PCS = 92.71 Total: 151.00 and into 3rd place

  • Level 4 lift, spin, twizzles, with all positive GOEs

McNamara/Carpenter: 55.89 TES + 50.14 PCS = 106.03 Total:  175.19 and into 1st place

  • Really nice straight-line lift with him skating backward on one leg
  • They have the right fire and passion for a tango
  • You see the effort in the program here in places and some of the transitions are more apparent then they should be
  • Their serpentine step sequence just oozes tango choreography in all the little details
  • There are places where it looks like choreography and acting and doesn’t feel genuine, but part of that is just developing more maturity
  • Lots of great details in that program and really well done from them
  • Level 4 on their lifts, twizzles, and spin and all positive GOEs



Parsons/Parsons: 53.53 TES + 49.85 PCS = 103.38 Total: 176.07 and into 1st place

  • Interesting choreographic spin
  • Straight line lift with him on one leg in a squat and her reaching out her legs behind her
  • I love that their step sequence goes right into the spin so seamlessly
  • Like McNamara and Carpenter there is some visible effort here and some of their moves look like choreography…something they’ll get better at with time
  • Lost their unison on the third twizzles
  • Great final lift with him in a huge lean while she leans back over the ice
  • Level 4 on their lifts and spin, with all positive GOEs

Hawayek/Baker: 61.06 TES + 53.37 PCS = 114.43 Total: 187.61 and into 1st place

  • The opening of this program is so beautiful with great lines and such great connection between them
  • Love these twizzles on the crescendo
  • Love how she just steps right up into that lift and it’s so effortless in and out…maybe not the most acrobatic but the simplicity really does set it apart
  • They really take every detail into consideration in building the step sequence with the build of the music
  • Great dip rotational lift
  • You really cannot take your eyes off her in this program; everything is so elegant and so pure
  • There is just such job, beauty and incredible connection in this program that is just stunning
  • Level 4 on everything with all positive GOEs

Shibutani/Shibutani: 57.26 TES + 57.34 PCS = 114.60 Total: 196.93 and into 1st place

  • Great transition out of the spin ducking under his arm
  • Such long, deep edges in the step sequence
  • Love the first lift and the effortless changes in position
  • Really nice twizzles after a little nod to Fix You
  • Great fast position changes in the rotational spin right on the music
  • She stumbled in the second step sequence but didn’t go down…that’s going to effect their levels and GOEs
  • They had a lead coming into this but that could be the difference
  • Love the two choreographic moves at the end of this program
  • Technically it was very good but it didn’t move me the way that Hawayek and Baker’s did
  • Level 4 on everything but the step sequences with all positive GOEs

Hubbell/Donohue: 59.77 TES + 58.25 PCS = 118.02 Total: 197.12 and into 1st place

  • Super difficult twizzles with lots of things happening in each set, maybe a slight loss of unison
  • Super slick step sequence
  • Love the twist and backward entry for him into the curve lift
  • Everything about this program is so well thought out and so well placed in the music
  • There is so much passion and fire in this program and it all feels so real and so genuine
  • You truly cannot look away from this program and you do not see the elements at all…they are so seamlessly woven into the choreography
  • Level 4 on everything except diagonal step sequence and spin with all positive GOEs

Chock/Bates: 61.39 TES + 57.60 PCS = 118.99 Total: 196.60 and into 3rd place

  • Love the level changes in the opening stationary lift
  • Nice twizzles
  • A few little moments of effort in the spin changes
  • Great choreographic moments at the end of the piece
  • I couldn’t help but be transfixed by that and it truly was very uplifting and beautiful
  • Level 4 on lifts, twizzles, spin, diagonal step sequence
Place Start Name Short Dance Free Dance Total Score
Place Score Place Score
1 12 Madison Hubbell, Lansing SC
Zachary Donohue, Lansing SC
2 79.10 2 118.02 197.12
2 11 Maia Shibutani, SC of New York
Alex Shibutani, SC of New York
1 82.33 3 114.60 196.93
3 13 Madison Chock, All Year FSC
Evan Bates, Ann Arbor FSC
3 77.61 1 118.99 196.60
4 10 Kaitlin Hawayek, Detroit SC
Jean-Luc Baker, Seattle SC
4 73.18 4 114.43 187.61
5 9 Rachel Parsons, Washington FSC
Michael Parsons, Washington FSC
5 72.69 6 103.38 176.07
6 8 Lorraine McNamara, Peninsula SC
Quinn Carpenter, Washington FSC
6 69.16 5 106.03 175.19
7 5 Elliana Pogrebinsky, Peninsula SC
Alex Benoit, Skokie Valley SC
7 66.41 7 101.57 167.98
8 6 Alexandra Aldridge, Detroit SC
Daniel Eaton, Ann Arbor FSC
8 61.21 8 92.72 153.93
9 7 Karina Manta, Coyotes SC of Arizona
Joseph Johnson, Broadmoor SC
9 58.29 9 92.71 151.00
10 4 Julia Biechler, SC of Wilmington
Damian Dodge, IceWorks SC
10 54.53 10 81.84 136.37
11 3 Elicia Reynolds, Ice Line FSC
Stephen Reynolds, Ice Line FSC
11 40.92 11 70.00 110.92
12 1 Cassidy Klopstock, Centennial 7k SC
Jacob Schedl, University of Delaware FSC
12 37.16 12 52.12 89.28
13 2 Ashley Bain, North Jersey FSC
Oleg Altukhov, North County FSC
13 31.17 13 48.25 79.42

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