2018 US Nationals Senior Short Dance


Manta/Johnson: 58.29

  • Just a bit stiff though the rhumba
  • Off on the timing and a few slight slips in the non touching step sequence
  • They don’t quite have the synchronicity of the top teams with little details like having slightly different arms
  • Twizzles were in sync
  • Overall this program could have a lot more Latin feel and fire to it
  • Level 4 on twizzles, rhumba, and lift
  • Level 3 on partial and non touching step sequence

Bain/Altukhov: -1.00 = 31.17 and into 2nd place

  • They just don’t seem comfortable with each other as the touches seem very forced
  • Slow, bit awkward entry to their lift
  • A bit stiff and tentative on the rhumba and the nerves really show on her face
  • Slow and really looking like they’re fighting the ice to keep moving forward
  • He definitely is the stronger performer of the pair and has some nice facials through the non touching step sequence
  • Pretty good timing through the non touching step sequence
  • Really off on the timing of the twizzles and she seemed to have a bit of trouble staying in a straight line
  • They received negative GOEs on every element
  • Level 4 on their lift, Level 3 twizzles
  • Level 1 on all the step sequences

Aldridge/Eaton: 61.21 and into 1st place

  • Love the Latin flavor at the opening of the program although I would like to see her legs a little tighter together
  • Nice speed through the Rhumba and nice long leg lines
  • Cool stretch into their lift with a great arabesque line from her into the exit
  • Nice changes of hold in the partial step sequence, long edges, use of arms and lots of expressive upper body positions from her
  • Pretty good synchronization on the twizzles
  • Love the tight spacing between them and the crossing of patterns in the non touching step sequence
  • Really nice comeback performance for them

McNamara/Carpenter: 36.98 TES + 32.18 PCS = 69.16 and into 1st place

  • This team truly performs from the second they take the ice
  • Good speed through the Rhumba but not a lot of freedom through the hold and upper body
  • A lot more freedom through the partial step sequence with long curves and use of the arms and upper body
  • Cartwheel around to their lift
  • I would have liked to see more of a choreographic change or a cleaner change in the music to go from the slow music to the fast; it seemed a bit abrupt
  • They still just look a bit junior and it looks like choreography and not effortless
  • Level 4 twizzles and lift, Level 3 rhumba and non touching step sequence



Hawayek/Baker: 39.38 TES + 33.80 PCS = 73.18 and into 1st place

  • I love the ombre of her skirt from red to an electric pink
  • Huge pattern on the non touching step sequence with nice long edges but she looks a bit tentative in her face
  • Very in sync on the rhumba and very well timed to the music
  • Great Latin choreography from them in the transition
  • Nice secure transitions of holds in the partial step sequence
  • Set up to an arch over the ice; the second position with her arched back while sitting seems to not have quite enough time and is a bit awkward
  • She’s starting to come alive a bit after the twizzles
  • Nice clean performance, but I wish they had performed it a bit more; it was obvious they were being very cautious and really thinking through the program
  • All positive GOEs
  • Level 4 on everything except midline step sequence which earned Level 3

Chock/Bates: 39.95 TES + 37.66 PCS = 77.61 and into 1st place

  • Good timing on the twizzles
  • I love the look of her costume which matches a traditional Latin ballroom dress although the long fringe makes me nervous!
  • Great transitions and variety of holds in the partial step sequence
  • Really nice leg lines in the Rhumba
  • Twist around to a cool split position on his legs; very interesting, different lift
  • Very clean non touching step sequence
  • Level 4 on everything but the partial step sequence with positive GOEs on everything

Reynolds/Reynolds: 22.75 TES + 20.17 PCS -2.00 = 40.92 and into 6th place

  • The remixed version of this song almost sounds like it’s skipping and made it a bit hard to judge the rhumba against the music
  • Not a lot of security in the changes of holds in the partial step sequence and very stiff in the upper body
  • She falls on the twizzles and they only complete one set
  • Neat lift with her rotating all the way around his neck without him using any hands
  • They could do more to add some Latin flavor to their choreography as right now it almost looks like it could go with any music
  • Two negative GOEs
  • Level 4 on their lift and Level 3 on the partial step sequence

Hubbell/Donohue: 40.96 TES + 38.14 PCS = 79.10 and into 1st place

  • So sharp and crisp at the beginning of this program
  • Great non touching step sequence with the Latin feel throughout, great musicality and very nice timing and spacing
  • Huge pattern on the Rhumba
  • Really nice partial step sequence with some interesting hold changes
  • Curve lift with her on his blade
  • He had a little bobble on the third set of twizzles really just noticeable by his hands changing
  • Everything about that program was cool and confident and just so effortless
  • Level 3 rhumba and partial step sequence, Level 4 on everything else, all positive GOEs



Biechler/Dodge: 29.37 TES + 25.16 PCS = 54.53 and into 7th place

  • Partial step sequence could be faster or have deeper edges
  • A few good attempts at Latin moments in the non touching step sequence but it just needs a bit more commitment and more hips
  • Rotational lift with her up around his shoulders and set down exit
  • Level 4 twizzles and lift, Level 3 partial and midline step sequence
  • Negative GOE on the rhumba

Klopstock/Schedl: TES + PCS = 37.16 and into 9th place

  • Pretty good comfort in the holds in the partial step sequence with nice long curves
  • I’d like to see them really loosen up the upper body a bit to really sell this program
  • Pretty tight in the Rhumba through the entire upper body for both of them
  • I’d like to see a bit more variety of expressions, instead of the same expression held throughout to give the program a more mature feel
  • So neat to see Cannuscio and McManus in the Kiss and Cry as coaches this year!

Parsons/Parsons: 39.89 TES + 32.80 PCS = 72.69 and into 4th place

  • Great speed into their Rhumba ; her free arm seems a bit rehearsed in places and I’d like to see it feel a bit more natural
  • Great timing on their non touching step sequence, good musicality, and some really risk taking moves with deep leans over the ice
  • A few of their transitional movements they could really draw out and hold for a bit more impact but some of that comes with time
  • Cartwheel in and out of their lift
  • Maybe just a hair off on their timing on the first set of twizzles
  • Very cool ending with the finger spin
  • They did a great job not looking like a junior team and truly showing they belong in the senior ranks
  • All positive GOEs and everything Level 4 except for the non touching step sequence that earned Level 3

Shibutani/Shibutani: 43.64 TES + 38.69 PCS = 82.33 and into 1st place

  • Great accents to start their program
  • Such long curves and perfectly in sync in the Rhumba; it truly just glides across the ice and looks effortless
  • She really uses her full arm in the partial step sequence all the way from the shoulder
  • I love the twizzles perfectly timed to the counting and then increasing in speed through the 2nd and 3rd sets
  • Great moment in the middle of their non touching step sequence that truly felt like Latin Ballroom
  • They have such a feel for their music and hit every accent perfectly
  • One arm pull up backwards to a rotational lift
  • Standing ovation for their program
  • Everything about them is so elegant, effortless, and flawless
  • In a very deep US field they truly do find a way to set themselves apart
  • All positive GOEs and all Level 4s

Pogrebinsky/Benoit: 35.48 TES + 30.93 PCS = 66.41 and into 7th place

  • Long lines on the Rhumba but if feels a bit slow and cautious
  • A lot more confidence in the partial step sequence
  • Great full split position from her in the lift with a nice turn out of it
  • Really nice unison though the first twizzles, but off through the others
  • Lefel 4 lift, twizzles
  • Level 3 on everything else
Place Start Name Score
1 12 Maia Shibutani, SC of New York
Alex Shibutani, SC of New York
2 8 Madison Hubbell, Lansing SC
Zachary Donohue, Lansing SC
3 6 Madison Chock, All Year FSC
Evan Bates, Ann Arbor FSC
4 5 Kaitlin Hawayek, Detroit SC
Jean-Luc Baker, Seattle SC
5 11 Rachel Parsons, Washington FSC
Michael Parsons, Washington FSC
6 4 Lorraine McNamara, Peninsula SC
Quinn Carpenter, Washington FSC
7 13 Elliana Pogrebinsky, Peninsula SC
Alex Benoit, Skokie Valley SC
8 3 Alexandra Aldridge, Detroit SC
Daniel Eaton, Ann Arbor FSC
9 1 Karina Manta, Coyotes SC of Arizona
Joseph Johnson, Broadmoor SC
10 9 Julia Biechler, SC of Wilmington
Damian Dodge, IceWorks SC
11 7 Elicia Reynolds, Ice Line FSC
Stephen Reynolds, Ice Line FSC
12 10 Cassidy Klopstock, Centennial 7k SC
Jacob Schedl, University of Delaware FSC
13 2 Ashley Bain, North Jersey FSC
Oleg Altukhov, North County FSC

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