Andrews ready to shine in Kansas City

Photo Credit T. Andrews

Starr Andrews is a bit of a skating celebrity.  She is 15 now, but at 9 years old she skated a program to Whip My Hair complete with Converse style spats over her skates and hot pink hair extensions.  The video went viral, received millions of views, and Andrews was interviewed on major media outlets.  It wasn’t long after that she started to make a splash on the nationals scene, winning the Juvenile Pewter medal in 2014 and finishing 6th as a novice last season.

Some of the things to notice about her skating include the soft, fluid use of her arms (perfect for skating to Black Swan) and the intensity with which she delivers her performances.

She earned her first international assignment this season, traveling to Croatia to compete in Golden Bear where she won gold.  She returned home to earn a silver medal at Pacific Coast Sectionals in junior ladies to qualify for nationals.

It is evident in her performances that she is a fighter and does not give up.  She has big goals for nationals this season and seems poised to have her moment in the spotlight.

How did you get involved with skating?

I watched my mom skate when I was little.  I wanted to get on the ice with her because it looked so fun. When I was given the opportunity to finally skate, I loved it!

How would you describe yourself as a skater? 

I would describe myself as interesting, emotional, and outgoing.

Photo Credit U.S. Figure Skating Association

Tell me abut your programs this season.

This year I kept my short program to Pink Panther because I love it so much.  I wanted to keep it and add more difficult elements to make me more competitive.   My long program is Black Swan and is my absolute favorite!  It has depth, drama, and intensity.

Tell me about your life outside skating.

I have a cat, a dog, two sisters, and a brother.  When I’m not skating, I like to spend time with them.  I also like to draw in my spare time when I’m not doing homework.

What is the most difficult element for you in your programs? What is your most favorite element to complete? 

The most difficult element is my triple flip. My favorite element is double axel + triple toe.

Last season you didn’t have a triple flip or lutz but you have both this year. What was the process to add those this season?

I tweaked my ankle mid-season so it was a little difficult to do toe jumps on my landing foot. Now that I’ve healed, I’ve been working on the flip and lutz to become more consistent.

Photo Credit U.S. Figure Skating Association

You were a YouTube sensation receiving over 44 million views and landing mentions in the Huffington Post. How do you think that has affected you in your skating career? 

I am happy that the “Whip My Hair” video has brought recognition to skating that it can be fun as well as technically solid.  To have such an impact on people from all over the world makes me feel that maybe even I can make a difference in the sport.

How do you balance your desire to be creative and show a different side of yourself with your skating with the demands of competitive programs?

It is good to have different type of programs even if it is not your typical flow.   I like programs that are challenging and unconventional because that is just who I am.  I like different genres of music that allows for diversity and expressions full of passion.

You earned an international assignment to Golden Bear earlier this season where you won gold. What was the experience like? 

I had a great experience at my first international.  The environment, the culture, and the beautiful scene of Zagreb just made me thankful to have the opportunity.

Last season I noticed your connection to the music and your performance quality, which was reflected in your international component scores. Does that come naturally to you or do you have to work on that element of your programs? 

The components come naturally, but I still have to work on them because it is something that I can always improve on.

You have an impressive triple salchow + triple toe + double toe in your program.  How did that come about? 

I work hard to get that jump consistent and it is now one of my best jumps.

In an addition to the technical strides you’ve made this year, you have great spins, routinely earning Level 4, and you received a Level 4 on your step sequence at sectionals. How do you balance training the jumps while also working to achieve the highest levels on the non-jumping elements? 

I’ve made sure that everything in my program is the best that it can be so that I can get extra points even if I make a mistake.  My coach also makes sure that I am doing those elements to the best that they can be.

Have you made any changes to your programs for nationals?

 No changes in my program.

What are your goals for nationals?

My goal for Nationals is to become Junior Ladies National Champion and to be sent to Junior Worlds.

Is there anything else you want people to know?

I want to people to know that if you work hard you will get results and you will feel very accomplished and proud of yourself.


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