Bautista perseveres to earn her place in Kansas City

Photo Credit: KR Photographs Dress by Gail Johnson

Maxine Bautista made a big splash on the national scene when she won the Juvenile Silver medal in 2013.

She followed that up with an Intermediate Silver medal in 2015 and is competing as a junior for the first time in Kansas City.  She won the silver medal at Upper Great Lakes Regionals and the pewter at Midwestern Sectionals to qualify for nationals.

She is now 15 and represents the DuPage Figure Skating Club, training near her hometown in the Chicago suburbs.  She has made it through some difficult setbacks, including failing to qualify for nationals last season, but has come out stronger on the other side.

How did you get involved with skating?

My parents wanted me to get involved in different activities because I was so shy.  I started with dancing,  then swimming, until I saw this flyer from a nearby rink.  I told my parents I want to try it and that’s how I got involved.

How would you describe yourself as a skater?

As a skater, I think I’m graceful and elegant.

Tell me about yourself outside of skating.

Outside of skating, I’m a typical teenager.  I do my homework during breaks from practices, go out with friends for movies, eat out, and attend parties. My other hobbies are coloring/painting and making origami.

Photo Credit: KR Photographs Dress by Gail Johnson

Tell me about your programs this season.

My short program is called Caravan.  It’s fun and jazzy.  My long program is called Clouds, the Mind on the Re(Wind) and Rain in Your Black Eyes.  It is a modern one.

What is the most difficult element for you in your programs? What is your favorite element to complete?

The most difficult element for me is the triple lutz while my favorite element to do is the triple toe.

You had one of the strongest novice performances of the season last year at regionals, but struggled at sectionals and didn’t qualify for nationals.  What did you learn from that experience?

I learned that my skating journey did not stop there.  It was a difficult experience but life has to go on.

You had to come from behind at sectionals this year to qualify for nationals.  Do you prefer to be the front runner or the underdog?

I prefer to be the underdog because it is less pressure.

You’ve won two national medals, one at the juvenile level and one at the intermediate level.  How were those experiences different?  What did you take away from both of those successes?

The experiences were different.  When I was in juvenile, it was the first time USFSA adapted the juveniles going to sectionals then nationals. I was young and having fun.  I did not feel any pressure yet.  During my intermediate nationals, I was 7th in the short program and skated a clean long program to claim the 2nd place spot.  I achieved these successes by determination, not giving up, and enjoying what I love to do.

Photo Credit: KR Photographs

What has been the biggest difference preparing to compete as a junior this season?

The biggest difference preparing to compete as a junior this season is skating more maturely and incorporating harder elements.

Have you made any changes to your programs for nationals?

I did not make any major changes in my programs.

What are your goals for nationals? For next season?

My goals for nationals are to be able to deliver my programs the way I am capable and the best that I could possibly do. For next season, I hope to be more consistent in executing all my triple jumps and combination jumps.

Is there anything else you want people to know?

I used to do dance/ballet and perform in the Nutcracker.  My favorite part to play was Chinese.


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