Breaking Down the Elements: Junior Free Dance

The Junior Free Dance consists of elements in 4 categories completed in 3:30 +/- 10 seconds.


  • There is a choice for the required lifts: 1 short lift and 1 long lift OR 3 short lifts (only one type of short lift may be repeated.
  • Long lifts are a maximum of 12 seconds and short lifts are a maximum or 6 seconds
  • Note: 1 additional lift of up to 6 seconds without any requirements to level is permitted provided it is not illegal.  Only the first 2 lifts performed for the Long Lift option or only the first 3 lifts for the Short Lifts option will be identified for level.  Additional lifts are considered by the judges in the Choreography component.
  • If a 4th lift is executed for the Long Lift option or a 5th lift is executed for the Short Lift option, it will be considered by the Technical Panel as an extra element.
  • No part of the costume may be used as any support in a lift which is considered for level. If this occurs the lift will get a level according to calling specifications and a 1 point deduction by the referee and judging panel will be applied.

Dance Spins

  • 1
  • Spin is a minimum of 3 revolutions on 1 foot by both partners OR a combination apin with a minimum of 3 revolutions on each foot by both partners

 Step Sequences

  • Maximum of 2
  • 1 selected from Group A (midline or diagonal) and 1 selected from Group B (circular or serpentine)
  • Both to be skated in dance holds or variations thereof except hand-in-hand hold in sustained position with fully extended arms.  Any separation to change a hold must not exceed 1 measure of music.
  • Lifts, jumps of more than 1/2 rotation, stops, dance spins, pirouettes, pattern regression and loops are not to be included in step sequences.


  • 1 set of synchronized twizzles

 Optional Additional Elements

  • 1 additional dance spin (may be spin or combo) and additional set(s) of synchronized twizzles may be performed.  The first dance spin and first set of synchronized twizzles performed will be identified for level.
  • Additional elements not identified by the Technical Panel will be considered by the judges in the choreography component if elements reflect character of music/dance.
  • If 3rd dance spin and/or 4th or 5th lift is performed it will be considered by the Technical Panel as an extra element.

Additional Information

  • Combined dance spin and lift are permitted but are to be counted as separate elements: i.e. as 1 of the permitted lifts and 1 dance spin.
  • Kneeling or sliding on 2 knees and/or sitting on the ice are not permitted.  It will be considered as a fall and the appropraite deduction will be applied by the Technical Panel.
  • Other illegal elements
    • Jumps of more than one revolution or jumps of one revolution skated at the same time by both partners
    • Lying on the ice

The main differences between junior and senior is that the junior program is 30 seconds shorter, has one less required lift and one less optional lift.