Breaking Down the Elements: Junior Mens Short Program

For the 2010-2011 season, junior men have 7 required elements in their short program to be performed in 2 minutes and 50 seconds.  The elements can be performed in any order.

1. Double or triple loop, immediately preceded by connecting steps or other free skating movements
2. Jump combination, double/triple or triple/triple.  May not repeat either Axel jump performed or solo jump
3. Double or triple axel
4. Flying Camel spin, Minimum 8 revolutions.
5. Sit spin, with only 1 change of foot.  Minimum 6 revolutions each foot.
6. Spin Combination, with only 1 change of foor and all 3 basic positions or any variation thereof.  No flying entry.  Minimum 6 revolutions each foot and 2 in each position.
7. Step Sequence, straight line, circular or serpentine

The main differences between the junior and senior programs is that juniors must execute a double or triple loop instead of a jump of their choice, quads are not allowed, and the flying spin must be a camel.