Breaking Down the Elements: Junior Pairs Free Skate

The 2012-2013 junior pairs free skate consists of 9 categories of elements that must be completed in 4:00 +/- 10 seconds.  The major differences from the previous season are that the spins must be in combination and the introduction of the choreographic step sequence to replace the spiral sequence.


  • Maximum of 2
  • One must be from Group 3 or 4
  • Full extension of lifting arms
  • Minimum 1 revolution and maximum 3 1/2 revolutions by man
  • Only 1 lift may include a carry feature.  Carry type lifts (1/2 rotation exit/entry) are permitted but not included in the allowed number of lifts (counted as transitions)

Twist Lifts

  • Maximum of 1
  • No limit to number of revolutions
  • Takeoff may be Toe Loop, Flip/Lutz, or Axel

Throw Jumps

  • Maximum of 2
  • Must be different

Solo jumps

  • Maximum of 1
  • No limit on the number of revolutions

Jump Sequence/Combination

  • Maximum of 1
  • Jump combination may consist of 2 or 3 jumps.  No limit to number of jumps in Jump sequence.  Both may include jumps with the same name. 

Pair Combination Spin

  • Maximum of 1
  • At least 1 change of foot by each partner (3 revolutions before and after change of foot) and Minimum of 8 revolutions

Solo Combination Spin

  • Maximum of 1
  • Minimum 10 revolutions, optional change of position and foot (3 revolutions before and after change of foot)

Death Spiral

  • Maximum of 1
  • When death spiral position is attained, both partners must execute 1 revolution with man in full pivot position
  • Lady must skate on a clean edge with her body and head close to the ice surface.
  • Lady’s head must reach the level of her skating knee
  • Variations of arm holds and pivot positions possible

Step Sequence

  • Maximum of 1
  • Fully utilizing the ice surface