Breaking Down the Elements: Junior Pairs Short Program

The Junior pairs short program consists of 7 elements that must be performed in a maximum time of 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

1. Toe loop hip lift take off (Group 3), minimum 2 revolutions by lady, minimum 1 revolution and maximum 3 1/2 revolutions by man

2. Double twist lift, flip or lutz take-off only

3. Double or triple loop throw jump

4. Double lutz solo jump

5. Pair spin combination with only 1 change of foot and at least 1 change of position, minimum 8 revolutions in total, change of foot must be made at the same time, change of position may be made at the same time or separately, may not commence with a jump

6. Forward inside death spiral, when final death spiral position is attained both partners must execute 1 full revolution with man in full pivot position, lady must skate on a clean edge with her body and head close to the ice surface, lady’s head must reach the level of her skating knee

7. Step sequence (straight line, circular or serpentine), fully utilize ice surface, partners should share workload and skate close together and to the character of the music, changes of place and holds, short stops and small jump-like movements are permitted.