Breaking Down the Elements–Mens Free Skate

Senior Men must complete elements in three categories during the four and a half minutes allotted for their free skate.
  • A maximum of 8 jumping passes can be completed
  • 1 must be an Axel-type jump
  • Maximum 3 combinations or sequences
  • Combinations are limited to 2 jumps, but one 3-jump combo is permitted
  • Number of jumps in sequence is free
  • 2 triples or quads may be repeated, but they must be in a combination or sequence
  • 2 double Axels maximum as solo jumps or in a combination or sequence
  • Maximum of three spins
  • 1 spin must have a flying entry
  • 1 spin must be a combination with or without change of foot
  • 1 spin with only 1 position
  • Minimum 6 revolutions, 10 for the combination spin, minimum of 2 revolutions in each position
  • All spins may change feet and start with a flying entry
  • Spins must be of a different nature

Step Sequences

  • There is a maximum of 2
  • Step sequences can be straight line, cicular, or serpentine
  • If two sequences are performed, the first will be awarded the level, and the second will be awarded a fixed Base Value and is factored into the program components scores.

The main change this season is the removal of the second required step sequence and the inclusion of the choreographic step sequence.  With only one step sequence scored for a level, the skaters have more time to use throughout the rest of the program.  The second step sequence allows the skaters to express their personalities and the character of the music without worrying about hitting a required number of elements.