Cup of China Final Results Thoughts

I haven’t caught up on the Free Programs yet, but here are my thoughts based on the scores and placements.  Based on pageviews, it seems like pairs is the discipline most people are interested in so I’ll start with reviewing those performances later today.

Men: Kozuka won the free program and Mroz and Verner continue their comeback with 2nd and 3rd place finishes in the free skate.  Contesti made up for his poor short program with a fourth place finish in the free.  Joubert had a bit of a meltdown on his jumps, with poor landings and doubling several intended triples.  Kozuka received the highest element score while Verner received the highest program components with his crowd pleasing Michael Jackson program.

For my podium predictions, I did not guess any of the medal positions accurately and only one of my three picks medaled.  My fantasy picks finished 4, 5 and 10.

Complete results here:

Ladies: Once again, Nagasu blew an opportunity and leaves another Grand Prix without a medal.  She seems to do well in the free when she is coming from behind, but sitting in 1st place after the short seems to lead to messy free programs.  Suzuki had a good showing to place second in the free.  Miki Ando had a great free program and is just tenths of a point from having top scores for the season thus far.  If she can bring up her short program scores she should be a real contender this year.  The whole event seemed to be a mess with only three of the twelve skaters not receiving a deduction.  Ando received the highest element marks and Suzuki received the highest program components.

For my podium predictions, I accurately predicted Miki Ando would win gold.  Two of the skaters I picked for the podium medaled.  My fantasy picks finished 1, 6 and 7.

Complete results here:

Pairs: The top three teams all had errors at this event, but in a rare occurrence, the placements after the short program were exactly the same after the free.  Sui and Han again made it a close contest with just 5 points separating them from the reigning world champions.  They landed the throw quad salchow although she two footed the landing.  Yankowskas and Coughlin had a good outing of their Ave Maria program to win their first Grand Prix medal.  The Russians were unable to medal again after their Gold medal finish last weekend.  Evora/Ladwig need to step up their programs if they want to return to the world championships as they are only the third best senior team this season on the Grand Prix.  Sui and Han had the highest element scores while Pang and Tong had the highest program components.

For my podium predictions, I accurately picked Pang and Tong to win the gold medal.  Two of my podium picks one medals here.  My fantasy picks finished 4, 3 and 7.

Complete results here:

Dance: Faiella and Scali again had a problem with a skirt here which resulted in a fall and two deductions and cost them the silver medal.  Having the exact same costume problem in both their programs here is not a good sign and they need to be doing something different when they’re training at home.  Pechalat and Bourzat put out another strong program to win gold and the Russians received their first Grand Prix medal with a silver.  The Hubbells seemed to have a better program in the free dance section but still only managed a 5th place finish.  Pechelat/Bourzat received the highest element and program component scores.

For my podium predictions, I did not accurately predict any of the exact placements but all three of my predictions medaled.  My fantasy team finished 3, 2 and 7.

Complete results here:

Overall, I accurately predicted 2/12 skaters in their exact placements and 8/12 of the medal winners.