Disney on Ice: Rockin’ Ever After

The Cast of Rockin’ Ever After

Rockin’ Ever After is a fun talent show themed production hosted by Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald.  The show starts off with a bang with a high energy group number and lots of sparkling costumes.  Skating fans will appreciate all of the jumps and spins executed by the ensemble.  There are surprises around every corner and lots of special effects to delight all ages.

The individual numbers start off with a solo from Pinocchio and the Stepsisters from Cinderella attempting a comical tap dancing routine.

In a longer segment, the Little Mermaid story is performed complete with her sisters skating to Vogue and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  Some of the coolest elements of the show happen in this section as Eric’s boat capsizes and Ariel transforms into a human and executes some Cirque style aerial work.  Don’t miss Under the Sea when all the skaters perform in blacklight and the jellyfish are one of the best props in the show.  Little girls and skating enthusiasts alike will love the romantic pair work performed by Ariel and Eric, especially her gorgeous arabesque spiral performed standing on his knee at the end of the Part of Your World Finale.

Rapunzel from Tangled was up next.  There was some great comedy in this scene as well as excellent teamwork with two skaters sharing Maximus’ costume.  Once Rapunzel and Flynn reach the Lights the ensemble sends up lanterns that float to the ceiling and show off some flag twirling to welcome Rapunzel home.

After the intermission came Merida from Brave in her first Disney on Ice production.  This section focuses heavily on storytelling and acting and benefits greatly from star Taylor Firth’s experience.  Firth is a former U.S. National competitor and starred in the Ice Castles movie remake.  The skating stayed true to the original tale complete with an archery contest.  Firth explained the process behind creating a new Disney on Ice Character: “I got to go through a 6 week process of learning her characteristics: how she walks, how she talks, how she moves.  It’s really specific and I want to stay as true to her as possible.  A lot of work went into it.  I even got to go to Scotland to learn about the history and how Merida would have lived back then.”

The library from Beauty and the Beast

My favorite part of the show was Beauty and the Beast.  Gaston was a powerhouse with several huge jumps and brought the comedy.  He happens to be Firth’s favorite part of the show as his skating is “absolutely hilarious.”

Be Our Guest

This section of the show was especially beautiful with a bridge that the characters skated under, a stained glass window, candelabra and a large wilting rose.  Some highlights include a kick line in Be Our Guest with the male cast members dressed as forks and knives and the girls dressed as plates.  Don’t miss the special effects including real fire torches, lightning in the castle and the Beast transforming into a prince in a spray of glitter.

The show is an entertaining and exciting experience for the whole family and the skaters hope that every audience member brings something away from the show.  “I just hope they can take away memories.  It’s a time they can come and be a family and experience real live entertainment and hopefully get some laughs while they are watching,” said Firth.  She hopes that people take Merida’s message to heart as well.  “Children should pursue their dreams and what they want.  You deserve what you want and you should go for it,” she added.   

The Finale of Rockin’ Ever After

Why kids will love it: Disney Princesses, brave Princes and surprises to keep them entertained around every corner.  There’s lots to do before and after the show with face painting, photo booths and lots of items for purchase.  Most of the kids were dressed up as their favorite characters as well!

Why parents will love it: The show mixes in covers of songs that are not from the movies and the variety of talents in the show is incredible.

Sebastian, Ariel, Eric, Rapunzel, Flynn, Belle and the Beast

Why skating fans will love it: The level of talent is good with lots of jumps and spins as well as ice dance and pair lifts and spins.  Firth described the cast members as national and international level competitors from all over the world!

What you need to know:  The show starts exactly on time.  The first act runs 55 minutes.  There is a 15 minute intermission and the 2nd act is 50 minutes bringing the total running time to 2 hours.  Visit http://disney.go.com/disneyonice/ to see when the show is coming to a venue near you.


  1. Great show! ! I am planning on taking my daughter to see Disney on ice in December.