Dunne hopes to show love for skating, claim top ten finish in senior debut

Haley Dunne is an 18 year old from Raleigh, North Carolina who represents the Washington Figure Skating Club and trains in Delaware.  She has competed at nationals twice at the junior level and will be making her senior debut in San Jose.  She won the gold medal at South Atlantic Regionals and the pewter medal at Eastern Sectional to qualify for nationals.

Dunne talked to me about changing training sites, competing in her home state last season and her goals for her senior debut at nationals.

Tell me about yourself outside of skating.

I enjoy baking, reading, hot yoga, and love spending time with my friends exploring the Chesapeake area and day trips to NYC.

How would you describe your skating to someone who had never seen you skate before?

There are strong qualities in my long lines and interpretation of the music, and I love jumping and spinning.

You’ve changed locations over the last few years from North Carolina, to the DC area and are now training at the University of Delaware.  How do you think those changes have helped you grow as a skater?
Having a variety of training background and styles has helped me improve who I am as a skater.  Taking something from each different environment, I’ve been able to build on my experiences (good and bad) to become a complete skater.

Last year at nationals you added a triple loop to your programs. Are there any new technical elements that you’ve added for this season or anything in particular you’ve been focusing on?

This season I’m adding a triple-triple to my program, as well as improving my performance skills and choreography.

You competed as a junior the last two seasons at nationals and are making the jump to senior this year.  What challenges do you think that brings?  What opportunities?

I’ve increased my training and outlook on skating in attempts to become a senior lady…that within itself sparks a challenge to make myself even better.  That will create more opportunities to compete on an elite international scale.

Last year nationals were in your home state (North Carolina).  How do you think it will be different this year skating in San Jose?

Greensboro was an amazing experience! I put a lot of pressure on myself with all the attention, media exposure, and normal national competition jitters. I’m so excited to go to San Jose and make my senior national debut without any pressure, being [able] to skate my heart out and go for it!

What are your goals for nationals?  How do you hope nationals will set you up for your short term and long term goals as a skater?

My goal in San Jose: skate two clean programs and break into the top 10 in senior ladies. Short term, I’d like my final placement score [to be] high enough to be considered for Four Continents. Long term I want to be an elite international competitor for the United States..and have a long and successful career in skating.

Is there anything else you want people to know?

My current coaching situation has completely rejuvenated my love of competing! I’m thankful I have the opportunity to skate, I’m proud to represent Washington Figure Skating Club, and honored to train at the University of Delaware with so many Olympians, champions, and skating legends surrounding the ice every day.