Four Continents: Short Dance

Mansour/Zhunussov, KAZ: 13.22 TES + 13.31 PCS -1.00 = 25.53

  • She’s sporting the first boob tassel of the evening
  • She needs to really point her foot and not sickle through some of these transition moves
  • She looks really wobbly through the step sequence and falls at the end of it and has trouble getting into the twizzles on time
  • Not a lot of unison on the twizzles
  • She doesn’t have a lot of free arm movement through this first sequence of the rhumba
  • A bobble on a transitional move from him
  • Haircutter rotational lift

Nagornyuk/Kovalenko, UZB: 21.49 TES + 18.44 PCS = 39.93 and into 1st place

  • Nice speed through the rhumba with good leg lines but most of it is in hold with no free arm
  • He puts his hand down during the twizzles
  • Some of this choreography in the middle seems a little forced and I’d like to see them have more commitment to their program

Bruhns/Van Natten, MEX: 20.64 TES + 15.29 PCS = 35.93 and into 2nd place

  • They train in Canada with Paul Islam’s father
  • Nice use of the free arm for the first sequence of the rhumba
  • Interesting lift with him in a spread eagle and her around his legs
  • Nice smooth edges in the second sequence of the rhumba but they seem a little slow
  • Decent unison in their twizzles
  • They seem to be out of unison on some of their movements in the step sequence and they don’t seem secure
  • Everything seemed a little slow and forced and they didn’t just let the program flow

Yu/Wang, CHN: 24.00 TES + 21.42 PCS = 45.42 and into 1st place

  • Neon lime, highlighter yellow and green to start off this group
  • He is really leaning on those twizzles and almost falls out of it
  • Nice matching unison in their rhumba
  • Decent speed and unison through the non touching step sequence
  • Backflip into the final pose

Paul/Islam, CAN: 23.71 TES + 24.81 PCS = 48.52 and into 1st place

  • Her dress is gorgeous and she looks absolutely stunning
  • I like the true rhumba feel they have right from the beginning of their program
  • Nice use of her free arm through the first sequence of the rhumba with good speed and flow
  • Nice straightline lift with her arching back to the ice
  • Nice matching leg lines through their rhumba and good reach through their arms and legs
  • Really difficiult step sequence with a nice Latin feel and good unison
  • Nice unison on their twizzles and good speed
  • Backflip into the ending pose

Obrien/Merriman, AUS: 20.64 TES + 20.46 PCS -1.00 = 40.10 and into 3rd place

  • They train in Detroit
  • She is wearing a hot pink sparkly dress with one side cut out
  • Nice speed and flow across the ice in the rhumba but she could use her free arm more through the middle of the sequeence
  • A little off on the unison of their twizzles and she steps out of the second step
  • Some loss of unison through the non touching step sequence
  • Flip into the one arm rotational lift

Hubbell/Donohue, USA: 25.50 TES +25.43 PCS -1.00 = 49.93 and into 1st place

  • She has some more peacock feathers added to the arms of her dress
  • He really steals the show in the opening choreography of this program
  • He took a big fall in the opening of their step sequence–that’ll cost them a level–his edges are so deep and it looks like he just slipped off it
  • Nice speed and flow with clean edges in their rhumba sequence with nice use of her free arm
  • Cartwheel up to the spread eagle lift with a drop to a position change and a nice exit
  • Nice straight leg twizzles but she really struggles through the second set
  • A little struggle to get into their ending pose

Davis/White, USA: 34.71 TES + 37.44 PCS = 72.15 and into 1st place

  • Meryl is in the orange dress from the Grand Prix Final.  Such a shame because the bronze dress really complimented her and was so unique.
  • They’re really working the hair in this opening
  • Great speed and unison on their twizzles
  • Nice long deep edges through the first section of the rhumba and nice use of the free arm from her
  • Some of this choreography in the middle doesn’t seem to be as full out as normal
  • Nice flow through this step sequence but a very slight loss of unison through the sit spin
  • Hop up to the spread eagle lift with a nice exit
  • Nice solid ending transitional lift into their ending pose

Virtue/Moir, CAN: 33.92 TES + 37.68 PCS = 71.60 and into 2nd place

  • I’m really iffy over this dress, too short, too poofy and the laces make me feel like she’s going to pop out of it
  • Nice easy opening rhumba sequence but the dress is a little distracting and takes away from her lines
  • Good timing on their twizzles but their arms aren’t in synch
  • Nice deep, clean edges through the second sequence of the rhumba and nice use of her arms and upper body
  • Nice speed and flow through the non touching step sequence
  • Nice throw tiwst up to a haircutter rotational lift with her on his shoulder

Shibutani/Shibutani, USA: 31.86 TES + 31.52 PCS = 63.38 and into 3rd place

  • Love the fire and attack at the beginning of this program with nice Latin moves
  • Nice long edges, good speed and flow and matching lines in their step sequence
  • Lightning fast twizzles with perfect unison executed with such ease
  • Great Latin choreography in the middle and I love that he’s sells it just as much as she does and the crowd is really behind them
  • Nice unison, matching lines, good edges through this step sequence
  • Nice rotational haircutter lift with lots of speed

Weaver/Poje, CAN: 31.43 TES + 32.80 PCS = 64.23 and into 3rd place

  • I find this team very classy but everything about her packaging in this program is a little tacky
  • Nice easy flip up to the lift into the spread eagle lift–so seamless
  • Really slow through their second set of twizzles but nice unison
  • She seems a little winded through this non touching step sequence and isn’t giving out the performance she normally does
  • Death drop transitional lift to end their program
Pl. Name Nation TSS
1 Meryl DAVIS / Charlie WHITE USA 72.15 34.71 37.44 9.39 9.25 9.32 9.43 9.39 0.00 #8
2 Tessa VIRTUE / Scott MOIR CAN 71.60 33.92 37.68 9.39 9.29 9.46 9.39 9.54 0.00 #9
3 Kaitlyn WEAVER / Andrew POJE CAN 64.23 31.43 32.80 8.07 7.93 8.29 8.29 8.36 0.00 #11
4 Maia SHIBUTANI / Alex SHIBUTANI USA 63.38 31.86 31.52 7.93 7.64 8.04 7.89 7.89 0.00 #10
5 Madison HUBBELL / Zachary DONOHUE USA 49.93 25.50 25.43 6.43 6.39 6.21 6.39 6.36 1.00 #7
6 Alexandra PAUL / Mitchell ISLAM CAN 48.52 23.71 24.81 6.39 6.00 6.29 6.29 6.07 0.00 #5
7 Xiaoyang YU / Chen WANG CHN 45.42 24.00 21.42 5.43 5.14 5.36 5.46 5.36 0.00 #4
8 Danielle OBRIEN / Gregory MERRIMAN AUS 40.10 20.64 20.46 5.25 4.93 5.14 5.21 5.04 1.00 #6
9 Anna NAGORNYUK / Viktor KOVALENKO UZB 39.93 21.49 18.44 4.75 4.50 4.61 4.75 4.46 0.00 #2
10 Corenne BRUHNS / Ryan VAN NATTEN MEX 35.93 20.64 15.29 4.00 3.71 3.82 3.93 3.68 0.00 #3
11 Cortney MANSOUR / Daryn ZHUNUSSOV KAZ 25.53 13.22 13.31 3.54 3.25 3.32 3.43 3.14 1.00 #1