Grand Prix Final–Ladies Short Program

Rachael Flatt, USA

  • I think this style really suits Rachael and she looks great doing it
  • 3Lz+2T–slightly off on the landing of her first jump and she can only pull off a double for the second and that also has a bad ending.
  • 3F–Possibly popped into a double and she landed 2 footed and sideways.  It looked like she just opened up too early.
  • Layback spin–Her positions are improved, but I hate her arm position in the layback spin.
  • Flying camel spin–Great camel position but she needs a lot more flexibility through her position change
  • 2A–Nicely done here with great flow out of the jump.
  • Straight line step sequence–I wish she’d really go after this step sequence because it seems a little like she’s going through the motions and not really committing to everything.
  • Combination spin–Good positions and nice stretch.
  • Not her best program but she’s been solid in her free skate this season.  She left a lot of points on the table in a tough field.  I wonder how much her injury is still bothering her?

19.88 TES + 25.31 PCS = 45.19 and into 1st place

Akiko Suzuki, JPN

  • 3F+2T–Very nicely done.  I’d love to see her try for the triple triple.
  • 3Lz–Anhother nice jump with good speed and flow.
  • Flying camel spin–One of her stronger elements with 2 level 4s this season.  Great speed and position and she’s skating on a difficult edge.  He transition out of the spin is effortless.
  • Layback spin–I like her positions in this spin sequence as well especially the one arm Biellman, but she loses her speed.
  • 2A–She makes it look so easy.
  • Combination spin–Another strong spin sequence and she has good speed and centering and another great transition out of the spin.
  • Straight line step sequence–I love how she uses her head throughout this step sequence and her whole body just seems to flow across the ice and she is so committed to the program.
  • I’ve really loved seeing Suzuki come into her own and she just looks so comfortable out there on the ice.

30.06 TES + 28.20 PCS = 58.26 new seasons best and into 1st place

Kanako Murakami, JPN

  • I adore this program and her costume.  It’s very age appropriate and it really suits her personality.
  • 3T+3T–great combination with tons of height and speed.  She’s gotten an under rotation call on this in the past.
  • 3F–Another nice jump.
  • Layback spin –Great speed through this spin but she loses some of her centering in the Biellman and it looks like she loses her foot as well.  Her spins are really a strength gaining all Level 4s this season.
  • 2A–Another great jump for Murakami.
  • Flying sit spin–Nice low positions, great speed, I’d like to see a better exit from the spin
  • Straight line step sequence–Lots of elements in this step sequence but sometimes her arms look a little flaily and she could work on controlling them a bit more.
  • Combination spin–This spin has so much speed it looks a little out of control.
  • A solid program, but skating directly after Suzuki shows off some of her immaturity and shows some of the things she needs to work on and polish but for being so young she’s going to be one to watch for years to come.

33.04 TES + 28.43 PCS = 61.47 new seasons best and into 1st place

Carolina Kostner, ITA

  • I hate that her nude mesh is so off from her skin color.  It looks so much better when it is invisible. 
  • 3T+2T–a big prep for this combo and she was slightly off on the landing of her 2nd jump
  • 2A–Nicely landed and great transition out of the jump
  • Flying Camel Spin–She’s had some of the weaker spins this season, gaining almost all Level 3s and her positions could really use more flexibility through them.
  • 3Lo–She doesn’t get her free leg all the way extended at the end of her jump but she lands it
  • Layback Spin–Some nice positions but I’d like to see her have more speed and she doesn’t go for the Bielman.
  • Circular Step Sequence –I really like this step sequence  but her arms are kind of flailing all over the place
  • Combination Spin–She really doesn’t have a lot of speed through the first few positions here.
  • She always gets great PCS but this program really doesn’t wow me and I really don’t think she goes out there and attacks the elements and really performs.

31.53 TES + 30.60 PCS = 62.13 new seasons best and into 1st place

Alissa Czisny, USA

  • Ladies take note: This is how to wear a white dress and look classy and not trashy
  • 3Lz–Another nicely landed jump.
  • 3F+2T–She put her combination at the top of the program.  It was well done but her landings looked a little sideways, possibly an under-rotation call.
  • 2A–She landed this as well and stayed on her feet through all her jumps!
  • Flying Camel spin–This is a great spin sequence and her positions are gorgeous.  I also loved that she threw a spiral in her program and she got big applause for it.
  • Straight line step sequence–This looks really slow and there isn’t enough content here.  She’s been getting Level 2s all season and I know she can do more.  She’s really throwing away points here.
  • Combination spin–Great speed and flexibility through her positions. 
  • Layback spin–More great positions, flexibility and I’ve never seen someone spin so fast in a Biellman especially in that gorgeous of a position.
  • Great program for Alissa! 

33.62 TES + 30.14 PCS = 63.76 new seasons best and into 1st place

Miki Ando, JPN

  • 3Lz+3Lo–Super wonky landing on her 2nd jump but she hangs on
  • 3F–First fall of the GPF so far
  • Flying sit spin–wow no centering and no speed on this spin…It looked like it couldn’t find where it belonged.
  • 2A
  • Straight line step sequence–This looks really slow and is very dull
  • Combination spin –Nice positions, better centering and speed, great low sit spin positiong
  • Layback spin–One of her weaker elements, only getting Level 1s this season.  No Biellman and not a lot of flexibility.
  • Where is the Miki who skates these fantastic free skates?
  • This was kind of a letdown after the great event thus far but it’s the first outing for this program.  Hopefully she’ll bring it tomorrow.

22.67 TES + 28.78 PCS -1.00 = 50.45 and into 5th place

Top 3:
1) Czisny
2) Kostner
3) Murakami

Top TES: Czisny
Top PCS: Kostner