Huang making history in home state

Photo Credit St. Peters Figure Skating Association

You likely haven’t heard of the St. Peters Figure Skating Association.  St. Peters is situated about 30 minutes outside St. Louis, Missouri and only 3.5 hours from Kansas City.  Angelina Huang became the first solo skater from that club to compete at sectionals and the first to qualify for nationals just two seasons ago.  She just missed the podium in 2015, finishing 5th in juvenile.  She is the reigning Intermediate Ladies Pewter Medalist.  She won gold at Upper Great Lakes Regionals and pewter at Midwestern Sectionals to qualify to compete in Kansas City as a novice.

With a diverse background, upgraded spins and jumps and a mental toughness earned last season, Huang will attempt to make history and make the podium again in her home state.


How did you get involved with skating?

My parents let me try every sport when I was young and I fell in love with figure skating.

How would you describe yourself as a skater?
I am determined no matter what the outcome is.
Tell me about yourself outside of skating.
I’m an online student in 10th grade. I love hanging out with my friends and reading books during my free time.

Photo Credit St. Peters Figure Skating Association

Tell me about your programs this season.

My short program music is a jazzy piece from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’.  It’s fun and entertaining, and I really enjoy skating to it.  I selected music from ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ for my freeskate.  There are definitely harder elements in this program, and it’s quite challenging.
What is the most difficult element for you in your programs? What is your favorite element to complete?
For my short program, my hardest element isn’t a technical element.  It’s being able to perform and get the judges and audience into my program.  I love it when I see the rare smile on the judges’ faces.  In my freeskate, my 3Lz + 1L + 3S is a struggle for me.  I always feel accomplished even if the rest of the program wasn’t so great.
Most of the other ladies competing in novice ladies come from clubs with a lot of name recognition.  You were the first solo skater to even qualify for sectionals from your club.  What is like to be a trailblazer for the St. Peters Figure Skating Association?
It’s a big honor. My rink was mainly an ISI rink when I started skating.  Only a handful of skaters did USFSA.  My first coach told me to try it out, and when I was nine, I participated in my first USFSA competition.  Today, we have so many new USFSA participants.  I’m happy that I helped my club and rink grow.  I hope I continue to inspire many in my club and rink.
What advice would you give to skaters who come from clubs that haven’t historically sent skaters to nationals?
You don’t have to be from a big club with a big name to be good.  Take pride in representing your club.  You are making history in and for your club.
Tell me about your club and coaches and how they’ve helped get you to where you are today.

Photo Credit St. Peters Figure Skating Association

First of all, big shoutout to one of my coaches, Kelsey Himmel.  She’s played a big part with getting through my mental struggles.  She has the experience of competing herself, and knows what we go through.  I have been training part time in Colorado Springs with Damon Allen and Christine Krall.  Though I just started with them a few weeks before this season’s regionals, they have helped me improve in such a short time.  I thank my club, SPFSA, for their love and support.  They are always checking up on me, and they care about my status.  I am so happy to be representing them.
What are you looking forward to most about having nationals in your home state?
It’s comforting to know that you’re so close to home.  I know some of my friends will be there to cheer me on.  I’m excited that I was able to make it to this nationals because it’s in my home state.
You claimed your first national medal last season, finishing 4th as an intermediate.  What was that experience like?
I was really nervous, and I believe because of that, I wasn’t able to perform my best in my short. Unfortunately, I ended up in a disappointing tenth.  Afterwards I wasn’t so nervous.  I felt like I had no chance of making it on the podium.  I told myself that I had nothing to lose.  Right before I got in the ice for my free skate, I told my coaches, “I’ve got this. I just want to enjoy myself out there. I’ll be happy no matter what when I hit my ending pose.”  And because of that attitude going into the free skate, I was able to skate a clean program and place second in the free skate.  My takeaway from last season’s nationals is not to worry about the result, but to skate in the present like it was your last chance to shine.
Your performance at nationals last year earned you an invite to the US Challenge Skate where you won bronze as a novice.  What did you learn from that competition?
The seminars were wonderful.  I took back with me a lot of new information from that competition.  The seminars brought you closer to your competitors.  It made me look at them as my friends, and not as a competitor/enemy.  The whole camp is a great experience.

Photo Credit St. Peters Figure Skating Association

Your dance training is very diverse.  Do you feel that opens up more avenues for you as a skater?

I’ve been dancing since I was four.  I did ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary, modern, and freestyle.  It really helps me to feel the music.  This year I selected two very different pieces.  One is jazz and the other one is Chinese/Kung Fu.  The previous season I chose a Spanish piece and a softer, more delicate piece.  It helps me show that I am capable of skating to different types of music.  I always try to pick music that people haven’t heard on the ice, or uncommon skating music.  That way I create something new for the judges to hear and watch.
Have you made any changes to your programs for nationals?
Yes. I’ve added more difficult jumps to my free skate. In addition, I’ve created and rearranged my spins to help me with Level 4s.
What are your goals for nationals? For next season?
My goal for nationals is just to do my best.  This whole season has been really rough.  I went through a lot of changes, so I wasn’t expecting to do very well.  I’m very happy to have made it to nationals, and get another chance to prove myself as a skater.  For next season, I would like to get my triple + triple combinations consistent, and to improve my PCS.


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