JGP Czech Republic Pairs Preview

This is the first pairs event of the season and several teams are making their international debuts and some new teams will be competing together for the first time.

Fedorova and Miroshkin won the World Junior Bronze medal in 2013 and went on to win two medals on the JGP and qualify for the Final last season.  They placed 6th as seniors at Russian nationals and did not attend Junior Worlds.  With so much shake up in the Russian ranks they could make a big mark this season.

Their biggest competition will likely come from the other Russian teams at this event.  Gainetdinova had a successful JGP career with her former partner and teamed up with Alexeev this spring.  Gubanova and Sintsov finished 10th at Russian nationals as seniors last season and she aged into junior competition internationally this season.

Seguin and Bilodeau just missed the podium at both of their events last season.  They showed significant improvement between events but did not get the chance to compete at Junior Worlds and show more progress.  She also competes internationally in singles.

The two US teams are making their JGP debuts after medaling as novices at US nationals last season.  Both girls are newly JGP eligible and both teams have several seasons of eligibility left so this is likely to be more of a building block for future international success.


My podium predictions:

Gold: Fedorova/Miroshkin

Silver: Seguin/Bilodeau

Bronze: Gainetdinova/Alexeev


Bios of the competitors:

Seguin/Bilodeau, CAN: They placed 4th at JGP Belarus and JGP Czech Republic last season.  Their personal best is 141.18.  She is 17 and he is 21.

Lanaghan/Astill, GBR: They finished 8th at JGP Belarus and 10th at JGP Estonia.  Their personal best is 88.70.  She is 15 and he is 19.

Suto/Chizhikov, JPN: They finished 12th at Junior Worlds.  This is their JGP debut.  Their personal best is 107.41.  She is 16 and he is 20.

Fedorova/Miroshkin, RUS: They won silver at JGP Slovakia and gold at JGP Czech Republic last season to qualify for the Grand Prix Final where they won bronze.  They are the 2013 World Junior Bronze Medalists.  Their personal best is 161.11.  She is 16 and he is 20.

Gainetdinova/Alexeev, RUS: This is their international debut.  She is 16 and he is 19.

Gubanova/Sintsov, RUS: This is their international debut.  She is 14 and he is 19.

Gillett/Fernandez, USA: This is their international debut.  She is 14 and he is 18.

Weinstein/Simon, USA: This is their international debut.  She is 14 and he is 17.