2014 JGP Germany Preview


After last week, there are no new qualifiers from the ladies to the Final.  Serafima Sakhanovich and Evgenia Medvedeva still lead in the standings with 30 points while Yuka Nagai (26) and Miyu Nakashio (24) sit on the bubble.

Wakaba Higuchi won silver at JGP Czech Republic earlier this season.  She needs a gold medal to guarantee a spot in the Final.  A silver medal would give her a strong chance but without a gold medal she’d be toward the bottom of the rankings and might be left just outside the top six.

Elizabet Turzynbaeva won a bronze medal at JGP Japan while Leah Keiser won a bronze at JGP Slovenia.  Both can qualify with a gold medal.

Mariko Kihara finished 4th at JGP Czech Republic.  If she wins gold here, she can keep herself in the running for the Final.

Alexandra Proklova is the wild card here as she is making her season debut.  She won two medals on the JGP circuit last season and qualified for the Final.  She’s also competing in Croatia and has a strong chance at qualifying for the Final.

My podium predictions:

Gold: Alexandra Proklova

Silver: Wakaba Higuchi

Bronze: Elizabet Turzynbaeva



Boyang Jin leads the men with 30 points.  Alexander Petrov qualified for the Final last week and stands at 28 points.  Sota Yamamoto (26) and Alexander Samarin (24) are on the bubble.

Roman Sadovsky won the gold medal at JGP Czech Republic.  He needs a gold or silver medal to guarantee a spot in the Final.  A bronze would give him a strong chance while a 4th place finish would keep him in the running.  Of all the competitors here, he has the easiest path to the Final.

Sei Kawahara won the bronze medal at JGP Czech Republic while He Zhang won the bronze last week at JGP Estonia.  Both need a gold medal to give them a strong chance to qualify for the Final while a silver medal would leave them on the bubble.  In the event of a tie, total scores matter, so Zhang has the edge currently as he has the highest score from his first event.

Shotaro Omori placed 4th at JGP Slovenia.  He needs a gold medal to keep himself in contention for the Final.  He still is underperforming his personal best, set at the 2013 Junior World Championships where he won bronze.  The gold medal is definitely in his reach if he is healthy and skates clean.

Andrei Lazukin could play a spoiler as he is competing in his first and only event of the season and is a medal threat.  He is listed as a substitute for the final event next week in Croatia, so he could be swapped in if he medals here.

My podium predictions:

Gold: Roman Sadovsky

Silver: He Zhang

Bronze: Sei Kawahara



The Pairs event is completely up in the air for the Final.  With a third of all teams competing in two events making the Final and several who have yet to compete there are no sure bets at this point.  Between the two events there are 9 teams remaining who have a chance at qualifying (including three who have not competed).  Gainetdinova/Alexeev lead with 24 points followed by Gubanova/Sintsov who have 20.

Seguin and Bilodeau won gold at JGP Czech Republic.  A gold,  silver or bronze medal will guarantee their spot in the Final, while a 4th place finish will give them a strong chance.  A 5th or 6th place finish will keep them in the running.

Fedorova and Miroshkin took home the silver medal from JGP Czech Republic.  A gold or silver medal will guarantee them a ticket in the Final while a bronze medal will give them a strong chance.  They can keep their hopes alive with a 4th or 5th place finish.

Weinstein and Simon finished 5th at their debut at JGP Czech Republic.  They need a gold or silver medal to keep themselves in the running.

Several new teams are making their debuts including Chuschchanova and Mintsev and Beklemishev and Bobrov.  Liu and Johnson both competed on the JGP previously but this is their first event competing with each other.

My podium predictions:

Gold: Seguin/Bilodeau

Silver: Fedorova/Miroshkin

Bronze: Chuschchanova/Mintsev or Beklemishev/Bobrov



The Ice Dance field is looking to be extremely competitive for the Final this year.  Bent/Mackeen, Loboda/Drozd and Edwards/Pang have all qualified with 28 points.  The top competitors at this event are all extremely close score wise and this should be a very strong event.

Popova and Vlasenko won silver at JGP Czech Republic and Delmaestro and Lum won the silver at JGP Slovenia.  They need a gold medal to guarantee their spot in the Final.  A silver medal will give them a strong chance but without a gold medal, they’ll fall behind other teams in the rankings.

McNamara and Carpenter took home the bronze from JGP Czech Republic.  They need a gold medal to give themselves a chance at the Final and with a gold medal as the tie breaker, would most likely make it in.  They are the reigning Junior Grand Prix Final bronze medalists and underperformed at their first event.

Evdokimova and Bazin need a gold medal to stay alive after their 4th place finish at JGP Czech Republic.

My podium predictions:

Gold: McNamara/Carpenter

Silver: Delmaestro/Lum

Bronze: Popova/Vlasenko