Long focuses on components in preparation for nationals

Barbie Long is a 15 year old from St. Louis, Missouri.  While she still lives part time in St. Louis, she spends the majority of her time training in Springfield, Illinois, about two hours from St. Louis.  She is no stranger to the national stage, having won a bronze medal at the intermediate level in 2010 and the silver medal as a novice last season.  She’ll be looking to add to her medal collection this year at the junior level.  She won the silver medal in the tough Midwestern Sectional to qualify for nationals.

Tell me about yourself outside of skating.
I like to bake, dance and hang out with my friends.
Are there any new technical elements that you’ve added for this season or anything in particular you’ve been focusing on?
I am mainly focusing on bringing my component score up and becoming a better skater.

You’ve earned a medal at nationals the last two seasons.  Do you think that adds pressure now that you’ve moved up to the junior level?
I don’t think it adds any pressure because I know I can do it since I’ve done it before.  I will just try my best.

The Midwestern Section has become quite competitive.  Do you think having such tough competition just to get to nationals makes you more prepared?
I do think that the Midwestern section is very difficult to get out of but I think we are all prepared for nationals because we give each other tough competition.

What are your goals for nationals?  How do you hope nationals will set you up for your short term and long term goals as a skater?
I just want to try my best and have fun at nationals. I hope that over the next few years I get more experienced and become a better skater.