Mont Blanc Trophy

Mens Final Results:

  1. Samuel Contesti, ITA: 233.34
  2. Adrian Schultheiss, SWE: 185.83
  3. Paul Bonifacio Parkinson, ITA: 169.47
  4. Justus Strid, DEN: 159.07
  5. Maxim Shipov, ISR: 156.02
  6. Valtter Virtanen, FIN: 140.83
  7. Manuel Koll, AUT: 140.17
  8. Jimmy Karlsson, SWE: 131.06
  9. Lasse Saakslahti, FIN: 97.07

Ladies Final Results:

  1. Lena Marrocco, FRA: 144.47
  2. Joshi Helgesson, SWE: 140.57
  3. Roberta Rodeghiero, ITA: 123.97
  4. Kerstin Frank, AUT: 119.24
  5. Carol Bressanutti, ITA: 118.13
  6. Belinda Shonberger, AUT: 110.95
  7. Reetta Romppanen, FIN: 110.85
  8. Christine Adrian, SWE: 108.08
  9. Martina Bocek, CZE: 106.96
  10. Kaat Van Daele, BEL: 102.26
  11. Isabelle Pieman, BEL: 99.96
  12. Susanna Fryden, SWE: 96.89
  13. Sonia Radeva, BUL: 78.08

Pairs Final Results:

  1. Volosozhar/Trankov, RUS: 199.84
  2. Vartmann/Van Cleave, GER: 136.14
  3. Tarasova/Chudin, RUS: 113.44
  4. Malakhova/Kenchadze, BUL: 102.53
  5. Kiefer/Martini, AUT: 92.95

Dance Final Results:

  1. Cappellini/Lanotte, ITA: 162.35
  2. Khokhlova/Andreev, RUS: 144.27
  3. Guignard/Fabbri, ITA: 132.63
  4. Heekin-Canedy, Shakalov, UKR: 128.14
  5. Agafonova/Ucar, TUR: 127.32
  6. Frieling/Rumi, ISR: 110.07
  7. Turoczi/Major, HUN: 109.39
  8. Silna/Kurakin, AUT: 108.09

Pairs Short Program:

1. Kiefer/Martini, AUT: 28.95

  •  Double twist with good height and a decent catch
  • Throw double jump, couldn’t see the entry
  • Through the legs into their lift, she has some nice air positions but I’d like to see more stretch through her legs
  • She has some really nice spiral positions into this death spiral, but she’s doing the upside down version and doesn’t have a very good position
  • Off unison on the sbs spins
  • A big set up into their side by side loops, might have been double or triple, feed is really jumpy
  • They get really far apart during their step sequence
  • Really late into the ending pose

2. Vartmann/Van Cleave, GER: 47.18 and into 1st place

  • Nice double twist
  • They have good speed across the ice
  • She puts a hand down on their sbs triples
  • She has some really nice air positions in their lift and has really long legs
  • Throw double salchow, maybe a little forward on the landing
  • Decent unison on the side by side spins until the change of foot
  • They start very far apart on their footwork and it takes them a while to come together
  • She has an interesting entry to her death spiral and a nice position, but a big ice spray on the exit

3. Malakhova/Kenchadze, BLR: 35.21 and into 2nd place

  •  He two foots the landing on their side by side double jumps
  • Double twist with a clean catch and she gets such height in her arabesque
  • Interesting entry into their throw double salchow but she two foots the landing
  • There seems to be a lot of movement to get into the death spiral and there aren’t a lot of revolutions
  • Decent air positions in her lift
  • She needs to really stretch through her back leg in the camel position in the sbs spins
  • They’re so far apart on their footwork that the camera can’t get them both in the frame

4.Tarasova/Chudin, RUS: 37.34 and into 2nd place

  •  A good double twist
  • He stumbles on their side by side triple toes
  • She has a decent death spiral position but seems to be really close to his body
  • She two foots the landing and falls on their throw triple salchow
  • For being Russian she doesn’t have the famous air positions they’re known for but her position is decent
  • They have good position in relation to each other in their step sequence but seem to be off unison
  • Good unison on their sbs spins but she could stretch through her free leg in the sit position

5. Volosozhar/Trankov, RUS: 68.30 and into 1st place

  • Huge triple twist with a clean catch
  • Perfect side by side triples
  • Great air position and position changes in their lift
  • Huge throw triple loop and it looked like she put a hand down on the landing
  • Nice positions in the sbs spins and good unison, showing off some really nice flexibility
  • I’d like them to be a little closer on the step sequence but it’s nicely done and well choreographed
  • Very nice death spiral but a little close to the ice

 Volosozhar/Trankov Short Program
Volosozhar/Trankov Free Skate