Rostelecom Cup Ladies Short Program

Group 1

Sofia Biryukova, RUS

  • Triple triple combination very nicely done
  • solo triple with nice flow out of the landing
  • layback spin into a haircutter into biellman but loses speed
  • Nice double axel
  • Needs more stretch through her camel spin position
  • Nice footwork but needs more variety through her upper body
  • Combo spin needs to straighten her bottom leg and she had no speed at the end of the spins

30.70 TES + 24.29 PCS = 54.99 into 1st place

Agnes Zawadzki, USA

  • nice accent work at beginning
  • Triple triple combo with small bobble in between
  • Hangs on to the landing of her solo triple jump
  • nice spiral position
  • Layback spin into haircutter into bielmann and keeps the speed
  • Sit spin needs more stretch and has no speed
  • Lots of one foot moves in her footwork but seems slow
  • Nice double axel
  • Combo spin into a bow and arrow position at the end

32.03 TES + 24.81 PCS = 56.84 seasons best into 1st place

Myriane Samson, CAN

  • Triple double combo
  • I missed her axel
  • She is a very elegant skater and has nice style
  • Solo triple was clean and well done
  • Great sit positions in her spin
  • Nice layback position in her spins into a haircutter
  • Step sequence mostly on one foot and well done
  • Camel spin position in the combo spin could use a little work

28.66 TES + 24.20 PCS = 53.26 seasons best and into 3rd place

Elena Glebova, EST

  • Triple double combination to start
  • Solo triple jump was clean
  • Double axel was clean
  • Camel spin into sit spin for her combination spin
  • Step sequence had a large section on one foot and goes well with the music
  • She needs to get lower in her sit spin positions and she loses a lot of speed here
  • Nice layback spin but it loks like she finished after the music

23.04 TES + 22.74 PCS = 45.78 and into 4th place

Valentina Marchei, ITA

  • Opening combo a triple double, possible two foot on the first jump but it just may have been the camera angle
  • Nice triple
  • Good speed through her sit spins
  • Nice double axel
  • Good layback position but she could use more turnout through her hips, goes into a haircutter
  • Her fierce face is on for her footwork and she’s really performing
  • Final combination spin was well done

28.44 TES + 25. 17 PCS = 53.61 new seasons best and into 3rd place

Group 2

Ashley Wagner, USA

  • Triple triple combination
  • Solo triple maybe two footed landing
  • Nice sit spin position
  • Step sequence
  • 2 camels, 2 sit positons and a layback in her combination spin
  • Ina Bauer into a nice double axel
  • Layback spin with gorgeous arms into a Biellman and she keeps the speed
  • Solid program for Wagner

30.23 TES + 25.94 PCS = 56.17 new seasons best into 2nd place

Ksenia Makarova, RUS

  • This girl is fierce enough to pull off Spanish music
  • Opening triple and she hops out of it
  • Triple double combination
  • Spiral into a nice double axel
  • She needs more speed and more stretch in her sit spin
  • Nice step sequence
  • Great speed in her combination spin and good flexibility on her catchfoot spin
  • Layback into haircutter into Biellman at the end of the program was well done

26.54 TES + 26.39 PCS = 52.93 into 6th place

Alena Leonova, RUS

  • Ugly costume and she’s doing a doll/clown theme
  • Falls on opening triple
  • Pops her combo into a single-double
  • Needs a lower position in her sit spin and has an ugly position change with no speed
  • Double axel was nicely done
  • Layback into haircutter into Bielmann with no speed
  • Footwork sequence with lots of arms but no performance quality here
  • Final spin and she ends after the music

21.98 TES + 25.63 PCS -1.00 = 46.61 into 7th place

Miki Ando, JPN

  • It looks like she has a bandage on her back
  • Opening triple double was well done
  • Nice solo triple
  • Her sit spin seems really slow
  • She finished the spin really early and stands at center uce
  • Nice double axel and then another pause while she waits for her music
  • Zippy footwork sequence but doesn’t move across the ice well and she looks tired
  • Nice camel into sit into catch front spin
  • She has weird arms on her closing layback into haircutter spin but the position is nice

27.03 TES + 26.97 PCS = 54.00 into 4th place

Akiko Suzuki, JPN

  • Opening triple-double nicely done and on a musical accent
  • Second triple was possibly two footed
  • Her camel spin really travels instead of staying in one spot
  • Layback into haircutter into 1 handed bielman and she has no speed at the end
  • I missed her double axel
  • Combo spin was ok but again there was a lot of traveling
  • A nice footwork sequence at the end and it goes well with the music

30.13 TES + 27.30 PCS = 57.43 and into 1st place

Top 3:
1)  Akiko Suzuki
2) Agnes Zawadzki
3) Ashley Wagner

Top TES: Agnes Zawadzki
Top PCS: Akiko Suzuki