Rostelecom Cup Mens Short Program

Group 1

Ivan Tretiakov, RUS:

  • Nice opening triple axel
  • Triple triple combination both landed nicely but a pause between jumps
  • Clean and controlled on the solo triple
  • Nice positions n his combination spin
  • Footwork was done mostly on one foot
  • Camel spin slows almost to a stop
  • Nice low position on the sit spin but could use a little more stretch

36.43TES +29.18 PCS =65.61 into 1st place

Konstantin Menshov, RUS:

  • Nice high opening triple axel
  • Triple double combination with a lot of height on the opening jump
  • Final jump popped into a double
  • Nice position in the camel spin but he loses speed
  • Footwork sequence really slows down at the end
  • Needs to be lower in the sit part of his combination spins but he shows off some nice flexibility in his upright y spin
  • Finishing off with a sit spin combination and he nearly slows to a stop 

36.27 TES +31.07 PCS = 67.34 into 1st place

Anton Kovalevski, UKR:

  • He is wearing a piano and musical notes
  • Opens with a triple axel but he sits down on the landing and falls
  • Two foots the landing on his triple-triple combination
  • Lands his final triple nicely
  • Nice position in the camel spin with 1 change of position
  • Lots of arm movements in his footwork sequence and he hits the accents in the music nicely
  • Combination spin shows off some flexibility but he could stretch through his working leg more and get a lower position on the sit spins
  • Into the final sit spin and he’s showing a nice low position here and some nice changes that maintain the speed

31.01 TES + 30.04 PCS -1.00 = 60.05 into 3rd place

Tatsuki Machida, JPN:

  • Falls on his opening triple axel, not sure if he was fully rotated
  • Nice triple-double but has a bit of an awkward landing on the 2nd jump
  • Needs a bit more stretch and flexibility through his camel position
  • Good speed through his combination spins but he really needs to stretch through his legs
  • He tilts forward and puts a hand down on his flying triple
  • Flying sit spin
  • Into his footwork sequence and he has a lot of energy and is moving very quickly with a lot of kicks

26.76 TES +30.61 PCS -1.00 = 56.37 into 4th place

Yuzuru Hanyu, JPN:

  • Low landing and a big ice spray but he holds onto his triple axel
  • Nice fast triple-triple combination
  • Into his combination spin and he has a really nice sit spin position and he maintains good speed throughout the combination
  • This is a really awkwardly slow version of this music
  • Lands his final triple
  • His footwork doesn’t seem to go with this music and doesn’t really build
  • Flying camel spin into a donut position and the music ends and he keeps spinning and now we have some drumming it sounds like
  • Final sit spin was good

37.86 TES +32.38 PCS = 70.24 new seasons best and into 1st place

Javier Fernandez, ESP:

  • He’s wearing a blue jacket, green shirt and bright pink bow tie
  • Low landing on the triple axel but he holds on to it
  • Nice triple triple and he holds on to the second landing
  • He got no air on that final triple and had to turn out of it but he didnt put the foot down
  • His two spins here back to back are very slow but his positions are nice
  • And we’re turning on the personality for the step sequence.  There are a lot of stops and starts in this step sequence which really breaks up the flow.
  • Into the final spin with a really awkward camel position and an awkward entry into the donut

34.07 TES + 32.39 PCS = 66.46 into 3rd place

Group 2

Artur Gachinkski, RUS

  • Opening triple double–first jump has a ton of height
  • A little forward on the landing of his triple axel but he holds on to it
  • A little bobble on the footwork leading into his solo triple but he lands the jump nicely
  • Nice sit spin positions here
  • He goes into a slower piece of music for his footwork sequence and I’m not sure the choreography goes well with the music
  • He needs a lot more flexibility in his donut position in his camel spin
  • Final combination spin starts with a really ugly position where his leg is stuck somewhere between bent and straight, he needs more stretch through his bottom leg on the Y spin

39.25 TES + 33.46 PCS = 72.81 new seasons best and into 1st place

Alban Preaubert, FRA

  • Plushy is watching in the audience!
  • The gloves seem to be a popular choice today for the men
  • Nice triple triple combination at the top of the program
  • Nice triple axel
  • Nice position in his sit spin and great speed throughout the position changes
  • Final triple jump was clean
  • Nice positions through his combination spin and nice speed
  • Not a lot of speed through his footwork and it sounds like his music has been slowed down here.  He also doesn’t have a ton of upper body work in his footwork
  • The first position in his final spin is really ugly but would be nice if he stretched more through both legs
  • Overall a solid program for Preaubert

36.21 TES + 34.29 PCS = 70.50 new seasons best into 2nd place

Samuel Contesti, ITA

  • I love when skaters use their entrance to get into the character of the program
  • Double-triple combo at the top of the program
  • Low landing on his triple axel but he hangs on to it
  • A little sideways on his landing of the final triple but he hangs on to it
  • Nice positions in the sit spin but he loses a lot of speed
  • Into the War of 1812 for his step sequence and he’s got some nice choreography here and with this music if he would attack the steps a little more it could be spectacular
  • Slow camel spins and could use some more flexibility in his donut spin
  • Slow final combination spin and he could use a little more stretch through his free leg
  • That is some mustache on his male coach

31.12 TES + 34.57 PCS = 65.69 new seasons best and into 6th place

Tomas Verner, CZE

  • I love that he holds on to his invisible prop through the beginning of his program
  • Nice triple triple combination
  • Nice triple axel but no flow out of his landing
  • Final triple clean
  • Nice camel spin position but no speed and no change of position
  • Footwork sequence in the biggest part of the music  and well choreographed
  • Nice combination spin
  • Final sit spin with a nice low position and good speed
  • A really nice program for Verner and put together very well

36.95 TES + 37.15 PCS = 74.10 new seasons best and into 1st place

Jeremy Abbott, USA

  • I love the attack Jeremy has at the top of his program with the choreography
  • Opening combo a triple double?
  • Nice triple axel with a great landing
  • Great sit spin position but he lost some speed in the 3rd position
  • Final triple was clean and the flow in and out of it was good
  • Upright spin had so speed to it but it came out of nowhere which was nice
  • Lots of Spanish arms in this footwork sequence and his whole body is involved but there wasn’t much one footed work
  • Great speed through his combination spin and he struggles to control it into his ending pose
  • Not my favorite short program from Abbott but I like that he pushed himself to try something different and all of the elements were solid

39.07 TES + 38.54 PCS = 77.61 new seasons best into 1st place

Patrick Chan, CAN

  • Hoping Patrick can stay on his feet and if he does his score should be huge.
  • Nice quad triple to start the program and he gets a ton of height
  • Fall on his triple axel
  • Great camel posiion into a sit spin with a lot of speed and great control coming out of the scratch spin
  • Great landing on the final triple and nice flow into his next element
  • Great sit spin position and nice speed
  • Final spin is a camel with his arms behind his back
  • Lots of one foot work in his step sequence and he does a nice job of hitting the accents in the music
  • Definitely a better outing than Skate Canada

42.54 TES + 40.42 PCS -1.00 = 81.96 new seasons best into 1st place

Top Three:
1. Patrick Chan
2. Jeremy Abbott
3. Tomas Verner

Top TES: Patrick Chan
Top PCS: Patrick Chan