Skate America Men’s Free Skate

Group 1

Douglas Razzano, USA: 68.29 TES + 62.38 PCS = 130.67 Total: 187.73

  • Really nice quad toe with a solid landing
  • Triple axel with a hand down on the ice and a turnout
  • Triple axel + double toe nicely done
  • Big telegraphing into a popped double lutz
  • Camel spin with good position and speed; picking up speed through the catchfoot variation
  • Nice flow in his footwork sequence but some ice sprays showing that not all of his edges were clean
  • Triple toe + triple toe with nice height 
  • Nice spread eagle stepping right into a triple salchow
  • Good triple loop
  • Nice passion and power across the ice in his choreographic step sequence
  • Double axel + double toe nice
  • Good speed in his final combination spin with a good stretched out sit position and ending with  a scratch spin

Tomas Verner, CZE: 64.63 TES + 73.94 PCS = 138.57 Total: 197.36 and into 1st place

  • Nice smooth jazzy opening to the program
  • Triple toe was very solid–looked like he had enough height so not sure why he didn’t go for the quad
  • Nice triple flip
  • Single axel–completely open and couldn’t get the rotation
  • Good flying entry to the sit spin with an excellent back tuck position
  • Great choreography in this program and excellent attention to detail throughout all the transitions
  • Good triple axel
  • Triple loop with a bit of a wonky landing but he hangs on
  • Triple lutz + triple toe with good rotational speed but another slightly wobbly landing
  • Triple lutz
  • Triple salchow two foots but manages to save it
  • A little slow in his camel spin especially with the pace of the music
  • I liked how smooth and seamless his first step sequence was and the choreographic step sequence is much more upbeat and provides a nice contrast
  • A bit slow in the camel spin as well and losing some centering through the end of his combo spin

Alexander Majorov, SWE: 61.02 TES + 60.92 PCS = 121.94 Total: 182.42 and into 3rd place

  • Triple axel + triple toe to open the program
  • Triple lutz with a hand down and completely stopped on the landing
  • Triple axel flip out and hands down
  • Nice stretched legs in his camel spin but losing a lot of speed toward the end
  • Very choppy on his edges in the step sequence and not a lot of power across the ice
  • Triple flip + double toe + double toe
  • Double axel with a bit of a wonky landing but hangs on
  • Double salchow + double toe with great spring on his second jump
  • His posture on the takeoff of jumps is only costing him GOE points with a hunched over back and bent arms pulled next to his body; I don’t think this helps him get up in the air to complete the rotation either
  • Triple toe
  • Good speed on his sit spin and nice centering

Armin Mahbanoozadeh, USA: 68.38 TES + 68.00 PCS -1.00 = 135.38  Total: 203.65 and into 1st place

  • Quad toe with a fall
  • Good triple axel with a solid landing
  • Triple lutz + triple toe was really nicely done
  • Great landing on the triple loop
  • Good speed and position in his sit spin with nice centering
  • He has a nice lilting quality to this step sequence; great use of his arms and lots of nice edges
  • Single axel + triple toe
  • Nice camel position with a change of foot into a catchfoot position
  • Triple lutz + half loop + triple salchow
  • Single flip + double axel sequence
  • Nice use of the music and the space in the choreographic step sequence
  • Good positions and speed in his final combination spin ending with a nice scratch spin
  • There were some really great moments in his program and some misses but a nice outing for early in the season

Michal Brezina, CZE: 69.11 TES + 73.30 PCS -2.00 = 140.41 Total: 209.67 and into 1st place

  • I didn’t like this program or costume last season so I’m a little disappointed he’s reusing it
  • Hard fall on his hip on the quad salchow attempt
  • Good triple axel recovery
  • Quad salchow a lot closer but he falls–not sure what they’ll do with these since you can’t repeat a jump unless it’s in a combo so that will cost him some points as well
  • Really bent free leg in his sit spin
  • Triple axel + double toe
  • Triple flip
  • Triple loop
  • Triple lutz solidly landing
  • Triple salchow + double toe + double toe
  • These clock arms don’t do anything for the program choreography wise and he’s more capable then this
  • Really losing speed in this combo spin through the flying changes and the awkward standing position holding his foot
  • Nice twisted sit position into a broken leg position
  • If you’re going to repeat a program it needs to grow and show improvement and I think he was lacking a lot of the energy to really sell the program

Group 2

Konstantin Menshov, RUS: 67.43 TES + 71.78 PCS = 139.21  Total: 212.53 and into 1st place

  • A little bobble on the end of his quad toe but he stood up and held on to it
  • Quad toe + double toe nicely done
  • Double axel–never really pulled in all of the way to get the rotation
  • Triple lutz
  • Triple axel + double toe was wonky in the air but he pulled it off
  • Nice leg positions in his sit spin but he seems to have his arm at an awkward angle
  • Double salchow
  • Triple loop
  • Flying camel into an upright spin with a flying change of foot into another upright spin–a little odd and seemed to travel a bit
  • Very choppy in his step sequence and lots of ice sprays–he really needs to get into his edges to smooth this out
  • Triple toe with hands down
  • Losing speed in his combo spin after the change of foot
  • He seems to be out of energy going into this choreographic step sequence and you can tell by the quality of movement and lack of control over some of the elements

Tatsuki Machida, JPN: 75.03 TES + 80.14 PCS -1.00 = 154.17 Total: 229.95 and into 1st place

  • Nice triple axel to open the program
  • Quad toe with a fall
  • Triple lutz + triple toe nice
  • Needs a bit more stretch through his sit spin but nice speed
  • A little frenetic in this step sequence and doesn’t seem to always fit the music which will cost him some PCS points
  • A little back on the takeoff of the triple axel and he lands almost sitting on the ice 
  • Lovely camel spin and while it’s a bit on the slower side the speed is maintained and it really shows off the beautiful position
  • Triple lutz nicely done
  • Triple flip + double toe
  • Triple toe
  • I like the freedom and passion in his choreographic step sequence stepping right into his combination spin with good changes of position 

Jeremy Abbott, USA: 55.50 TES + 81.14 PCS -3.00 =133.64 Total: 211.35 and into 3rd place

  • Triple lutz to open the program nice and solid
  • Quad toe very close but he falls 
  • Beautiful camel spin position with good maintained speed
  • Nice triple flip
  • Good camel and picking up speed through his sit spin and maintaining the speed through the change of foot
  • A little forward on the landing of the triple axel but hangs on
  • Stepping right into a second triple axel and falls
  • Losing a little speed on his sit spin
  • Double lutz + double toe + double toe a little tight at the end
  • Double loop
  • The choreography on this program is stunning and so intricate that you don’t see the elements vs transitions
  • Double toe
  • The technical side unraveled there at the end but the program was beautiful and will be stunning when it’s clean and all there
  • He looks to be in pain as he’s taking his bows and is struggling to get off the ice–he might have injured himself during the program which affected the rest of his jumps

Takahiko Kozuka, JPN: 81.84 TES + 84.28 PCS = 166.12  Total: 251.44 and into 1st place

  • Really nice quad toe
  • Quad toe (two footed) + double toe
  • Triple axel
  • Good camel spin into a fast sit spin and an interesting scratch spin variation
  • Nice step sequence with lots of turns and changes of edge
  • Triple axel + double toe + double loop
  • Nice speed in his sit spin into a back tuck position
  • Triple flip
  • Good spread eagle into a triple loop
  • Nice lightness and flow in this choreographic step sequence full of hops and little jumps
  • Triple lutz + double toe
  • Triple salchow hand down and then a step out 
  • Losing a lot of speed through the position changes in this combo spin but picking it up to finish strong with a scratch spin

Yuzuru Hanyu, JPN: 72.11 TES + 79.56 PCS -3.00 = 148.67  Total: 243.74 and into 2nd place

  • Fall on the quad toe
  • Quad salchow with another fall
  • Super height on the triple axel
  • Nice tuck sit spin with no arms on his leg and good speed
  • He seems to be on top of his blades and not in the edges on some of the steps in his step sequence
  • Triple axel + triple toe nicely done
  • An awkward triple lutz landed side ways, two footed and with a hand down
  • Triple lutz
  • Triple loop
  • Nice camel spin with a great donut position into a nice low sit spin and ending with a Biellman
  • Nice Ina Bauer going into a triple flip with an awkward fall almost landing on his back and he takes a second to get back up
  • Not a lot of energy left in this program from him and completely lacking his characteristic passion and performance quality
  • Final combo spin was traveling a bit
Pl.   Name Nation TSS
1 Takahiko KOZUKA JPN 166.12 81.84   84.28 8.43 8.18 8.57 8.46 8.50 0.00 #9
2 Tatsuki MACHIDA JPN 154.17 75.03   80.14 7.93 7.71 8.11 8.14 8.18 1.00 #7
3 Yuzuru HANYU JPN 148.67 72.11   79.56 8.18 7.89 7.68 8.21 7.82 3.00 #10
4 Michal BREZINA CZE 140.41 69.11   73.30 7.54 6.93 7.36 7.36 7.46 2.00 #5
5 Konstantin MENSHOV RUS 139.21 67.43   71.78 7.36 6.96 7.21 7.18 7.18 0.00 #6
6 Tomas VERNER CZE 138.57 64.63   73.94 7.50 7.00 7.36 7.43 7.68 0.00 #2
7 Armin MAHBANOOZADEH USA 135.38 68.38   68.00 6.82 6.64 6.82 6.86 6.86 1.00 #4
8 Jeremy ABBOTT USA 133.64 55.50   81.14 8.00 7.93 7.82 8.39 8.43 3.00 #8
9 Douglas RAZZANO USA 130.67 68.29   62.38 6.43 5.79 6.54 6.18 6.25 0.00 #1
10 Alexander MAJOROV SWE 121.94 61.02   60.92 6.18 5.82 6.14 6.25 6.07 0.00 #3
Pl. Name Nation Points SP FS
1 Takahiko KOZUKA
251.44 2 1
2 Yuzuru HANYU
243.74 1 3
3 Tatsuki MACHIDA
229.95 4 2
4 Konstantin MENSHOV
212.53 5 5
5 Jeremy ABBOTT
211.35 3 8
6 Michal BREZINA
209.67 6 4
203.65 7 7
8 Tomas VERNER
197.36 9 6
9 Douglas RAZZANO
187.73 10 9
10 Alexander MAJOROV
182.42 8 10