Skate America Pairs Short Program

Group 1

Donlan/Speroff, USA: 19.37 TES + 22.17 PCS -1.00 = 40.54

  • Gorgeous partner spiral transition movement into their triple twist
  • Not a lot of height but clean catch and a nice exit from her
  • Step out on the side by side triple toes
  • Not a lot of variations in the death spiral
  • Awkward fall from her in their step sequence
  • Their steo sequence had a nice flow and quality of movement despite the fall
  • Good unison on their side by side spins and nice positions although they were a little far apart
  • Hands down on the throw triple salchow although she got great height and distance
  • Nice lift position into a beautiful attitude position and a flip into a dance lift hold for an exit
  • A few little bobbles but there is a lot of promise in this program if they skate it clean

Montalbano/Krasnopolski, ISR: 20.83 TES + 20.83 PCS -1.00 = 40.66 and into 1st place

  • Solid double twist but seemed a little slow in the rotation
  • A little bobble on the landing of the triple toe from her
  • Straight up in the air on the throw triple loop with no distance and she falls
  • A lot of traveling in their side by side spins but decent synchronization
  • Awkward leg positions from her getting into the lift and she could use more stretch through her legs during the lift
  • Nice flow in their step sequence but they seem a little tired and aren’t really attacking the end of this program
  • Bent free leg in the death spiral but a nice low position of her head

Castelli/Shnapir, USA: 30.59 TES + 25.08 PCS = 55.67 and into 1st place

  • Lots of confidence and attack at the start of this program
  • Good height on the triple twist with a good landing
  • Side by side triple salchow was decent–she fought for her landing but held on
  • A lot of speed in their side by side spins but they’re not together and also aren’t side by side
  • Gorgeous throw triple salchow with a ton of height and distance
  • Nice use of the arms and stretch through the legs to really finish off all the elements of their step sequence
  • Nice press lift right to a stomach hold and their signature split lift
  • Good heel stretch into a low death spiral with a nice exit
  • Very nice program for them!
Group 2

James/Cipres, FRA: 30.28 TES + 25.48 PCS = 55.76 and into 1st place

  • Big triple twist and she almost went past horizontal
  • She hung on to that side by side triple toe
  • Very nice throw triple flip with great height
  • Nice stretched out death spiral with her head below her knee
  • Decent attempt at some latin moves in this program but they could commit to them more to really sell the program
  • Fun flying camels perfectly together in the middle of their step sequence was a real highlight and good stretch through their free legs in the hold section of their footwork
  • Nice entry to the lift but she could stretch her bottom leg more after the change of position into the hip hold with a catch foot
  • Good position variations in their side by side spin with good timing

Denney/Coughlin, USA: 33.14 TES + 27.61 PCS = 60.75 and into 1st place

  • Caydee’s look is much more toned down this year with no crazy hair pieces and more subtle makeup
  • Huge triple twist that looked amazingly easy
  • Nice side by side triple toes
  • Nice throw triple flip with good distance and she held the landing
  • Good relationship between them in the side by side spins with nice timing until the very end when she finished a rotation before him
  • She still could work on her lift positions and really stretch through her legs and arch her back more
  • I’d like to see more Spanish character during this routine to really accentuate the feeling of the music especially through this footwork sequence
  • Good stretched leg in the death spiral with a really nice arch in her back

Pang/Tong, CHN: 31.50 TES + 31.46 PCS -1.00 = 61.96 and into 1st place

  • A lot more Spanish feel in this program from the carriage to the facial expression to the arm movements
  • He is very tilted in the air on the triple toes and falls
  • Beautiful triple twist with her arms above her head on the catch
  • Huge throw triple loop and she has to eke that free leg out to hang on to it
  • Good death spiral
  • Press up into a split lift rotating in both directions and a hip hold with her lying on her side–very difficult and they made it look easy
  • They seem a little slow through the middle of this step sequence but I like the touches they’ve added to really carry the theme of the program
  • Very nice timing on their side by side spins and nice stretch in all of their positions

Volosozhar/Trankov, RUS: 32.87 TES + 32.91 PCS = 65.78 and into 1st place

  • I think she borrowed her costume from Kaitlin Weaver…the necklaces on the dress make me a little nervous considering the lifts and throws these pairs are doing
  • Bluesy beginning of the program but everything seems very placed and staged and lacking the chemistry they normally have
  • Crashy landing on the landing of the triple twist and he seemed to not have his balance
  • Triple salchows he turned out but kept his free leg up
  • Big throw triple loop and she hangs on but not their best
  • Decent death spiral
  • Backwards entry into their lift with a great side hold position–very different from what other teams have been doing
  • For this music the step sequence needs to be smooth and seems to be lacking the feeling of the piece
  • Beautiful positions in their side by side spins
  • They seemed a little tight overall with little errors on many of their elements and they didn’t seem to really be in the program.  I don’t think it suits them as well as their programs have in the past.
 Pl. Name Nation TSS
1 Tatiana VOLOSOZHAR / Maxim TRANKOV RUS 65.78 32.87 32.91 8.25 7.96 8.25 8.39 8.29 0.00 #7
2 Qing PANG / Jian TONG CHN 61.96 31.50 31.46 8.00 7.64 7.75 8.11 7.82 1.00 #6
3 Caydee DENNEY / John COUGHLIN USA 60.75 33.14 27.61 7.04 6.54 7.00 7.07 6.86 0.00 #5
4 Vanessa JAMES / Morgan CIPRES FRA 55.76 30.28 25.48 6.43 6.04 6.61 6.39 6.39 0.00 #4
5 Marissa CASTELLI / Simon SHNAPIR USA 55.67 30.59 25.08 6.18 6.00 6.46 6.32 6.39 0.00 #3
6 Danielle MONTALBANO / Evgeni KRASNOPOLSKI ISR 40.66 20.83 20.83 5.32 4.86 5.25 5.39 5.21 1.00 #2
7 Gretchen DONLAN / Andrew SPEROFF USA 40.54 19.37 22.17 5.64 5.36 5.39 5.79 5.54 1.00 #1