2017-2018 Top Senior Pairs US Qualifying Scores

Short Program

  1. Scimeca-Knierim/Knierim: 71.10 (US Nationals)
  2. Kayne/O’Shea: 68.93 (US Nationals)
  3. Stellato-Dudek/Bartholomay: 67.84 (US Nationals)
  4. Denney/Frazier: 63.63. (US Nationals)
  5. Liu/Johnson: 62.35 (US Nationals)
  6. Castelli/Tran: 60.75 (US Nationals)
  7. Pfund/Santillan: 60.52 (US Nationals)
  8. Cain/LeDuc: 60.03 (US Nationals)
  9. Digerness/Neudecker: 53.78 (US Nationals)
  10. Deardorff/Settlange: 51.15 (US Nationals)

Free Skate

  1. Scimeca-Knierim/Knierim: 135.50 (US Nationals)
  2. Kayne/O’Shea: 131.87 (US Nationals)
  3. Stellato/Bartholomay: 129.81 (US Nationals)
  4. Cain/LeDuc: 127.11 (US Nationals)
  5. Denney/Frazier: 122.69 (US Nationals)
  6. Castelli/Tran: 121.63 (US Nationals)
  7. Calalang/Sidhu: 111.80 (US Nationals)
  8. Smith/Reiss: 108.08 (US Nationals)
  9. Liu/Johnson: 105.12 (US Nationals)
  10. Pfund/Santillan: 103.12 (US Nationals)


  1. Scimeca-Knierim/Knierim: 206.60 (US Nationals)
  2. Kanye/O’Shea: 200.80 (US Nationals)
  3. Stellato/Bartholomay: 197.65 (US Nationals)
  4. Cain/LeDuc: 187.14 (US Nationals)
  5. Denney/Frazier: 186.32 (US Natioanls)
  6. Castelli/Tran: 182.38 (US Nationals)
  7. Liu/Johnson: 167.47 (US Nationals)
  8. Pfund/Santillan: 163.62 (US Nationals)
  9. Calalang/Sidhu: 162.23 (US Nationals)
  10. Smith/Reiss: 159.03 (US Nationals)
  11. Digerness/Neudecker: 154.10 (US Nationals)
  12. Deardorff/Settlage: 145.66 (US Nationals)
  13. Timlen/Highgate-Brutman: 144.29 (Eastern Sectionals)
  14. Fields/Stevens: 142.12 (US Nationals)
  15. Yao/Simon: 128.12 (US Nationals)
  16. Timlen/Highgate-Brutman: 126.05 (US Nationals)
  17. Esposito/Newby-Estrella: 122.26 (Eastern Sectionals)

2018 US Nationals Senior Pairs Free Skate


Castelli/Tran: TES + PCS = Total:

Pfund/Santillan: 53.46 TES + 49.64 PCS = 103.10  Total: 163.62 and into 2nd place

  • Triple twist two footed the landing and a bit crashy
  • Side by side triple toe + double toe
  • Nice stretched out split position for her in the first lift
  • Side by side triple salchows he stepped out
  • Nice death spiral position
  • A bit slow on the pairs spin and the second position she is in a bit of an awkward position
  • Dance lift right into a throw triple loop right on the music
  • Throw triple salchow she steps out of it and lands it pretty low
  • A bit off on the timing of the side by side spin
  • Really struggling to hold up their final lift and he literally was holding her up by her dress
  • The last lift they received no credit for and that’s really going to hurt their scores
  • Level 4 on their first lift and pairs spin

Cain/LeDuc: 64.19 TES + 62.92 PCS = 127.11  Total: 187.14 and into 1st place

  • Triple twist a bit crashy on the catch
  • Triple salchow + double toe + double loop a bit off on their timing but they landed it and that’s a huge point getter
  • She was so off on the air in the throw triple flip but someone hangs on and only has to put a hand down
  • Side by side triple loop under-rotated
  • Nice spiral into their second lift with a good platter position for her and a flip out
  • They have some really nice lines highlighted by the side by side spirals
  • Great throw triple salchow with a long ride out
  • Interesting entrance to the death spiral but she could be a bit lower to the ice
  • What I love about this team is that they are so balanced.  They both perform and have great lines
  • Great position for her in the carry position looking right over the ice
  • Stepping down and right into the pairs spin but a bit slow
  • Level 4 on their second lift and both spins

Liu/Johnson: TES + PCS = Total: 167.47 and into 3rd place

  • I remember when Chelsea Liu was so tiny her partner had trouble keeping her on the ice in the pairs spin
  • She falls on the opening side by side triple salchow
  • Triple twist with a  pretty decent catch
  • She singled the axel
  • Backward entry to the lasso lift into a nice extension position and then changing legs with the position change
  • Spiral into death spiral
  • Throw triple flip and she never has a chance to get her legs under neath her and fell
  • A bit far apart on the side by side spins and off on their timing
  • Nice press into their Group 4 lift
  • Really nice positions in their pairs spin
  • Almost had the throw triple salchow but had to put her hands down
  • Really cool curve move from him with her laying on her blades in the choreographic sequence
  • Love the moment where she completely twists around his body while he skates backwards in an arabesque spiral
  • She has gorgeous positions in the lifts with a great arch though the carry feature
  • Lifts are definitely a huge highlight for them
  • They received no credit for the axel
  • Triple salchow was under-rotated
  • Level 4 twist, lifts, side by side spin



Stellato/Bartholomay: TES + PCS = Total: 129.81 Total: 197.65 and into 1st place

  • Nice triple twist
  • Side by side triple salchows she put a hand down and he falls
  • Quad salchow throw fall
  • Triple toe + double toe nicely synched even though she landed the first jump with her shoulders down
  • Nice stretched position for her in the first lift
  • Really pretty death spiral position
  • Throw triple loop and I don’t know how she hung on to that
  • She is just such a joy to watch on the ice and you can tell they truly love being out there…ther is nothing fake about their performance
  • Great speed, positioning and unison on their side by side spins
  • Really nice transition to a backbend in the air over his hand on the final lift
  • Their combo was under-rorated
  • They earned Level 4 on their lifts and spins

Denney/Frazier: TES + PCS = Total:122.69 Total: 186.32 and into 3rd place

  • Good triple twist with a nice hesitation in the air before the rotation
  • Great throw triple loop
  • Triple salchow she puts hand down + single toe really far apart
  • She stumbles out of an under-rotated triple toe
  • Spiral stepping right up into a lift with great stretched air position from her
  • Throw triple salchow might have been a tad two footed
  • Nice unison on their side by side spins though the first half
  • Triple toes were downgraded
  • Level 4 on their side by side spin and final lift

Kayne/O’Shea: 65.23 TES +67.64  PCS -1.00 = 131.87 Total: 200.80 and into 1st place

  • Triple twist caught on his shoulder
  • Side by side triple salchow
  • Awesome back flip over shoulder dance lift into a throw triple salchow
  • Lasso lift into a nice fish position
  • Pretty good timing on the double axel + double axel sequence but she turns out of the second jump
  • Throw triple flip she toe picked in awkwardly and fell
  • Such a nice death spiral position
  • Really great exit from their second to last lift twisting down to almost touching the ice
  • Press up to one hand hold carry with her arching back for their final lift
  • Double axel was under-rotated
  • Level 4 on their lifts and spins

Scimeca-Knierim/Knierim: 66.50 TES + 70.00 PCS -1.00 = 135.50 Total: 206.60 and into 1st place

  • Big quad twist, two footed the landing
  • Gorgeous huge throw triple salchow
  • Side by side triple salchow he steps out and she steps out then falls
  • Side by side double toe + single toe (he doubles the first, she singles the second)
  • Triple flip throw not sure how she managed to hold on to that landing
  • A bit far apart on their side by side spins and very slow
  • While their lifts are technically fine and are achieving Level 4 I feel like they don’t have the dramatic impact that some of the other teams have that just makes you stop and go wow
  • Triple salchow was downgraded
  • Level 4 lifts and spins
  • They earned positive GOEs on everything but the side by side jumps
Place Start Name Short Program Free Skate Total Score
Place Score Place Score
1 15 Alexa Scimeca-Knierim, DuPage FSC
Christopher Knierim, Broadmoor SC
1 71.10 1 135.50 206.60
2 14 Tarah Kayne, Southwest Florida FSC
Danny O’Shea, Southwest Florida FSC
2 68.93 2 131.87 200.80
3 12 Deanna Stellato-Dudek, Southwest Florida FSC
Nathan Bartholomay, Southwest Florida FSC
3 67.84 3 129.81 197.65
4 10 Ashley Cain, SC of New York
Timothy LeDuc, Los Angeles FSC
8 60.03 4 127.11 187.14
5 13 Haven Denney, SC of New York
Brandon Frazier, All Year FSC
4 63.63 5 122.69 186.32
6 8 Marissa Castelli, SC of Boston
Mervin Tran, SC of Boston
6 60.75 6 121.63 182.38
7 11 Chelsea Liu, Orange County FSC
Brian Johnson, Detroit SC
5 62.35 9 105.12 167.47
8 9 Jessica Pfund, Southwest Florida FSC
Joshua Santillan, All Year FSC
7 60.52 10 103.10 163.62
9 6 Jessica Calalang, DuPage FSC
Zack Sidhu, Las Vegas FSC
12 50.43 7 111.80 162.23
10 7 Erika Choi Smith, SC of New York
AJ Reiss, Los Angeles FSC
11 50.95 8 108.08 159.03
11 5 Nica Digerness, Broadmoor SC
Danny Neudecker, Seattle SC
9 53.78 11 100.32 154.10
12 4 Winter Deardorff, Northern Kentucky SC
Max Settlage, Broadmoor SC
10 51.15 13 94.51 145.66
13 3 Caitlin Fields, Indiana World Sk Acad FSC
Ernie Utah Stevens, Indiana World Sk Acad FSC
13 45.49 12 96.63 142.12
14 2 Alexandria Yao, Peninsula SC
Jacob Simon, Skokie Valley SC
15 40.97 14 87.15 128.12
15 1 Allison Timlen, Columbia FSC (MD)
Justin Highgate-Brutman, St. Clair Shores FSC
14 41.70 15 84.35 126.05