Trophee Eric Bompard–Mens Free Skate

Group 1

Zoltan Kelemen, ROU

  • Turns out of his opening triple axel but hangs on to the landing
  • Turns out of his triple-triple combination
  • Clean triple with a good flow out of the jump
  • Fast sit spin and nice low positions
  • Off in the air on his next triple and he falls
  • Triple-single-double sequence and he really struggles to hold on to the landing of the final jump
  • Footwork sequence lacked variety
  • Good triple-double combo
  • Another good sit spin with good speed and positions
  • Choreographic step sequence was ok
  • Nice triple jump here
  • Good camel position in his combination spin and he maintains speed throughout all of these position changes
  • Solid double axel at the very end of the program

58.10 TES + 51.58 PCS -1.00 = 108.68 into 1st place

Anton Kovalevski, UKR

  • Opening triple axel and he turns out of the landing and puts a hand down
  • Triple-double with one arm over the head on his second jump
  • Solid triple jump
  • Triple jump with one arm variation
  • Another good triple but not as solid of a landing
  • Good sit spin positions and good speed
  • I don’t think his step sequence went with his music or his program at all
  • Triple-double-double sequence
  • Double jump
  • Another nice low sit spin
  • Weird screaming in his music prior to his choreographic step sequence which goes better with his music and fits the character of the program
  • Double axel-double combo
  • Combination spin and he ends slightly after his music

60.41 TES + 57.72 PCS = 118.13 new seasons best into 1st place

Nan Song, CHN

  • Great triple axel-triple combo at the top of his program with great height and landings
  • Good triple-double-double combo
  • Fast spins but he could work on stretching his legs and getting lower into his positions
  • Solid triple jump with not a lot of set up
  • Opened up his next jump and only got a single off
  • Loses a lost of speed in his second spin and almost slows to a stop
  • Close to the boards on the landing of his triple axel and has to keep his leg in on the landing
  • Great triple jump
  • Nice step sequence but he could use more variety and better use of his whole body and really power through these steps
  • Pops his next jump into a single
  • Triple double combo
  • I want him to really perform his choreographic step sequence here
  • Flying entry into his camel spin with an ugly change of position but good speed through the rest of the combination and he finished after his music.

61.73 TES + 56.92 PCS = 118.65 new seasons best into 1st place

Kevin Reynolds, CAN

  • Nice opening quad
  • Falls on his second quad attempt
  • Huge triple axel at the beginning of his triple-double combo
  • Nice layback positions in his upright spins
  • Very good triple jump with a nice landing
  • Pops his triple axel into a double, two foots it and stumbles
  • Recovers into a nice triple
  • Nice low sit spin positions with good speed
  • Great use of the music in this step sequence but I’d like to see him really look up and perform it and have fun with the steps here
  • Nice triple jump with good flow out of it
  • Triple-triple-double combination nicely done with almost no air
  • Into the choreographic step sequence and well put together with the music
  • Good camel position and great changes of position in this combination spin and he really maintains his speed

70.42 TES + 64.58 PCS -1.00 = 134.00 into 1st place

Peter Liebers, GER

  • Nice opening triple
  • Turns out of the landing of his opening triple axel but tacks on the triple to make the combo
  • Forward on the landing of his next triple but hangs on to it
  • Into his step sequence and not a lot of use of his upper body here and everything looks very choppy and placed
  • Nice low sit spin position and lots of speed
  • Lots of chin holding poses masquerading for performance quality
  • Falls on his second triple axel
  • Triple double combination
  • Low landing on his next triple but he hangs on to it
  • Slow spins in his camel position and something seems awkward about how his body is placed
  • Falls on his next triple attempt
  • Lands a nice triple axel
  • Choreographic step sequence hits some of the highlights in the music but doesn’t really seem to go anywhere
  • Final combination spin has almost no speed to it and he finishes after the music

54.37 TES + 58.64 PCS -2.00 = 111.01 into 3rd place

Group 2

Chafik Besseghier, FRA

  • Pops his first jump
  • Pops his axel attempt
  • Has to put the second foot down on the landing of his triple but he completes the rotation
  • Step sequence needs a little more difficulty and performance quality
  • Great low sit spin position with a lot of speed
  • Forward on the landing of his triple axel but he hangs on to complete the double combo
  • Nice triple jump
  • Double-triple combo
  • Double jump
  • Into the choreographic step sequence and he has a lot to work with here musically and he’s not really performing it
  • Double axel-double-double sequence
  • Nice camel position but he could use more speed through this combination spin
  • Final spin and he could use more stretch through his free leg in the sit position

55.34 TES + 60.02 PCS = 115.36 into 2nd place

Brandon Mroz, USA

  • Lands his opening quad
  • Triple axel-triple combination is nicely done
  • Nice triple jump
  • Another great triple jump
  • Nice low sit spin position but it could use more speed and it had a slightly awkward exit
  • Turns out of his second triple axel
  • Nice triple-double combo
  • Another nice triple
  • Triple-double-double combination
  • Nice camel spin position but he could use more flexibility through the donut
  • Nice use of his body through this step sequence and he really covers the ice
  • Nice speed through his final combination spin and he finishes slightly after the music

76.05 TES + 65.80 PCS = 141.85 into 1st place

Florent Amodio, FRA

  • Nice opening triple
  • Doesn’t quite get the take off on his triple axel and he two foots the landing but manages to add on the double for the combo
  • Nice triple jump
  • Step sequence comes after an awkward pause in the music and he’s really showing off his signature style here
  • Flying entry to his sit spin with a nice low position and good speed
  • Another awkward musical pause becfore we get into a dance break at center ice
  • Triple-triple combo nicely done
  • Another nice triple
  • Another great triple
  • Triple-double-double combo
  • Lands his final triple axel
  • And another musical pause before some crotch grabs and the choreographic step sequence
  • Combination spin has good speed and nice positions
  • I’m not really a fan of this program as there aren’t great transitions between the music and a lot of the program doesn’t really move but it’s certainly entertaining

77.26 TES + 76.50 PCS = 153.76 new seasons best into 1st place

Takahiko Kozuka, JPN

  • Opening triple and he’s low on the landing but hangs on to it
  • A little forward on the landing of his second triple
  • Triple-double combination
  • Nice camel spin positions but not a lot of speed here
  • Nice step sequence with a lot of varity and use of his whole body
  • Triple axel-double-double sequence
  • Great triple
  • Nice triple-triple combination
  • Good triple
  • Another nice triple
  • Low sit spin position and good speed through the position change
  • Choreographic step sequence and it seems to hit some of the musical highlights here
  • I’d like to see more stretch through his legs in the sit positions in his final combination spin

89.63 TES + 80.80 PCS = 170.43 new seasons best and into 1st place

Top 3:
1: Takahiko Kozuka
2: Florent Amodio
3: Brandon Mroz

Top TES: Takahiko Kozuka
Top PCS: Takahiko Kozuka

Gold: Takahiko Kozuka
Silver: Florent Amodio
Bronze: Brandon Mroz