Trophee Eric Bompard–Mens Short Program

Group 1

Zoltan Klemen, ROU

  • Nice opening double axel
  • Fall on the second jump of his triple triple combination
  • Nice solo triple
  • Good low sit spin position
  • Nice use of ice and body in step sequence but he could use more stretch through his free leg
  • His final spin was nice but traveled across the ice instead of staying centered

28.32 TES + 25.70 PCS -1.00 = 53.02 into 1st place

Chafik Besseghier, FRA

  • Nice triple triple combo to start his program but he could use more extension through his free leg on the landing
  • Nice triple axel with great height
  • Good solo triple
  • Nice camel position and good flexibility through his back in the upright spin
  • Nice low sit spin position and good speed
  • Nice variety through his step sequence
  • He needs more stretch through his free leg on the sit spins and the spin travels

40.59 TES + 29.74 PCS = 70.33 into 1st place

Peter Liebers, GER

  • I’d like to see him really perform this program as he’s got great music and choreography but it looks like he’s going through the motions
  • He hangs on to the landing of the second jump in his triple triple combo
  • Triple axel with a ncie ride out
  • No speed in his camel spin
  • Fast and low sit spin position
  • Nice solo triple jump with a good flow out of it
  • Good footwork with nice use of his whole body
  • Good positions and speed in his final combination spin

36.24 TES + 30.29 PCS = 66.53 new seasons best into 2nd place

Anton Kovalevski, UKR

  • Hand down on his opening triple axel but he hangs on to it
  • Double-double combination? and he hangs on to the second landing
  • Bad fall on his solo triple jump and he goes over his shoulder on the ice
  • Nice position in his camel spin
  • I really like his footwork sequence, there’s lots of body movement, character and it goes really well with the music
  • He needs to straighten his bottom leg in the upright spin and he loses speed
  • Nice low sit spin position, great centering and speed

28.69 TES + 28.10 PCS -1.00 = 55.79 into 3rd place

Nan Song, CHN

  • Triple triple combination to start the program and he’s forward on the second landing and has no speed but he hangs on to it
  • Great triple axel
  • Nice camel position but some centering problems on the spin and he has no speed
  • Great solo triple jump
  • I’d like his sit spin position to be lower
  • He needs so much more attack and performance on this step sequence but it’s put together very well
  • Lots of traveling and ugly positions in his final combination spin

33.83 TES + 29.05 PCS = 62.88 new seasons best into 3rd place

Group 2

Florent Amodio, FRA

  • Gorgeous triple axel to start the program
  • Great triple triple combination with nice flow out
  • He nails the solo triple jump
  • Great camel position and nice speed through the spin
  • Great step sequence and he really performs it
  • Good speed throughout his combination spin
  • Nice low sit spin position but he could use more stretch through his free leg

39.52 TES + 36.10 PCS = 75.62 new seasons best and into 1st place

Kevin Reynolds, CAN

  • Opening quad double combination?
  • Great triple axel
  • A fall on his solo triple jump (intended quad)
  • Very fluid through his body in his step sequence
  • My feed froze during his spins

35.02 TES + 32.11 PCS -1.00 = 66.13 into 4th place

Brandon Mroz, USA

  • I finally got my feed back but missed his program but he doesn’t look happy as he’s coming off the ice

40.53 TES + 31.93 PCS = 72.46 new seasons best into 2nd place

Takahiko Kozuka, JPN

  • Some awkward moves at the beginning that were slow and not with the music
  • Nice triple triple combo to start his music
  • Forward on his triple axel but he holds on to it
  • Nice sit spin position
  • Good solo triple
  • Fast camel spin with good positions
  • A bobble on his step sequence and he gives a great performance and really plays to the audience
  • Good final spin

40.35 TES + 37.29 PCS = 77.64 new seasons best into 1st place

Brian Joubert, FRA

  • Triple-single combination to start the program–he was really foward on the landing of his first jump and just manages to tack on the combo
  • Steps out of his triple axel
  • He’s skating to the same music as Amodio and I don’t think he’s performing as well
  • Clean solo triple to complete his jumps
  • Nice low sit spin positions
  • Good final combination spin

30.84 TES + 36.11 PCS = 66.95 into 5th place

Top 3:
1: Kozuka
2: Amodia
3: Mroz

Top TES: Besseghier
Top PCS: Kozuka