U.S. Nationals: Junior Men’s Short Program

Timothy Dolensky: 33.98 TES + 29.22 PCS = 63.20 and into 1st place

  • He is 19 years old and skating to Windfall (an original composition)
  • Very nice spiral position from him
  • Good triple loop + triple toe
  • Nice sit positions with good broken variations
  • You can tell he really feels this music, as he should since he composed it
  • Great speed into his triple lutz but a little bit of ice spray on the landing
  • Good speed on the camel spin but it took a moment to center and he has a really nice position in his catchfoot with an increase in speed
  • Nice spread eagle into a double axel with a good ride out of the jump
  • He needs to let his upper body go more in this step sequence otherwise he has great expression through his hands and head in time with the steps
  • Nice camel spin into a good twisted sit spin position and a nice upright spin with an arch
  • Very solid opening to the event

Lukas Kaugars: 29.32 TES + 28.64 PCS = 57.96 and into 2nd place

  • He is 17 years old and skating to Duplicity
  • He has some really nice jazzy choreography at the top that really fits nicely with the music
  • Nice triple toe + triple toe with great height
  • Nice fast double axel
  • Good position on his camel spin but he could have more flexibility through the catch foot position
  • Lands the triple lutz with a huge mile on his face
  • A little slow on the sit spin
  • Good speed on the step sequence with a nice one foot sequence but it’s mostly just his legs and his arms without a lot of changes in the position of his upper body and some of the edge changes are a little rough
  • He sickles his foot a bit in the camel spin and a straighter line would be better and he moves a lot through the change of position in this combo spin

Ryan Hartley: 22.35 TES + 22.32 PCS = 44.67 and into 3rd place

  • He is 19 years old and is skating to Malaguena
  • Nice hydroblade right into his double axel–a little wild in the air but he seems to land it just fine
  • Triple flip + double toe was really wild but he hangs on
  • Triple lutz and he tried to add an arm variation on the landing but it was a little delayed
  • Nice low sit spin position but a loss of speed through the change of position
  • He’s really struggling with some of these edge changes in the one foot section and is really pushing to get across the ice
  • Good speed in the camel spin
  • He loses a lot of speed toward the end of the camel spin but picks it up in the sit section
  • He finishes after his music

Jay Yostanto: 30.43 TES + 24.29 PCS = 54.72 and into 3rd place

  • He is 18 years old and skating to The Untouchables
  • Opening triple axel has nice height but a bit on an ice spray on the landing means it might have been a little two footed
  • Triple flip + double toe combo was nice
  • An interesting variation out of his camel spin that is a cross between a camel and a sit and I’m not sure it’s the most attractive position
  • A big ice spray on the landing of his triple lutz
  • He really loses a lot of speed in the camel spin and his change of foot only seems to slow him down more
  • He has a few bobbles here and there on his step sequence and doesn’t quite look like he’s sure of where his edges are but he is smiling for the first time in this program
  • He needs more stretch through his free leg in the sit position

Philip Warren: 28.70 TES + 28.72 PCS = 57.42 and into 3rd place

  • He is 18 years old and is skating to Little Wing
  • Nice opening choreography that really suits the music
  • Big triple toe + triple toe to open his program but also a big ice spray on the landing
  • Leg kick into an easy double axel
  • Good sit spin position with good speed and a nice broken leg variation
  • It looks like he doesn’t get a good toe pick in for his lutz and tries to make the rotation but just can’t
  • Nice catch foot in the camel spin
  • I really like the position of his foot in the camel, he’s almost winging it to create a better line
  • This style of program suits him really well and you can tell he’s enjoying skating it
  • Nice timing on his step sequence and he uses his upper body a lot more than some of the previous competitors

Emmanuel Savary: 15.62 TES + 22.75 PCS -2.00 = 36.37 and into 6th place

  • He is 14 years old and skating to Black Cat, White Cat
  • Until you’ve seen him live, you can’t comprehend the full impact his smile has on a crowd
  • Such a shame to have a fall on the opening jump
  • Really slow going in to the double axel and a little forward on the landing but he hangs on
  • Nice camel position but I’d like to see more flexibility and speed in the catchfoot
  • He is such a fun skater to watch and has some nice choreography
  • And another fall on the lutz…just not his day today
  • Nice sit spin
  • I like that he uses his whole body in this step sequence, it plays really well to the music and there is a lot of difficulty but he’s getting good ice coverage
  • A bit of an awkward position in his camel and I’d like to see more stretch through the upright position
  • He finishes just a beat behind his music

David Wang: 26.87 TES + 27.75 PCS -2.00 = 52.62 and into 5th place

  • He is 18 years old and skating to Tuxedo Junction
  • Really like the nuances at the top of his program–he really has a feel for this classic style
  • His feet got caught up under him on the second jump of his triple flip + triple toe combo and he fell
  • Nice double axel
  • Fall on the lutz
  • Good sit spin position
  • Really nice camel position and I like the increase in speed through the catch foot
  • Nice speed and use of the full body through this step sequence and I really love the choreography
  • Good speed in the camel into a nice upright spin and a good broken leg sit position
  • Such a shame about the jumps because this is a great program

Timothy Koleto: 30.68 TES + 28.50 PCS = 59.18 and into 2nd place

  • He is 20 years old and skating to Dark Secret
  • Nice spread eagle into an easy double axel
  • Triple loop + double toe with a one arm variation
  • Nice low sit spin with good speed
  • Good ride out of the triple lutz
  • Nice camel spin with a good catch foot, I just wish he didn’t drop his body so much to get into the position
  • Really nice one foot section in his step sequence with nice stretched out lines and good timing with the music
  • I really like his camel position but he needs a lot more flexibility through the upright spin

Nathan Chen: 34.40 TES + 28.75 PCS = 63.15 and into 2nd place

  • I love his robot arms in this step sequence!
  • Spread eagle into a nice double axel
  • Although he looks so tiny here, I have to admit that when I met him in person he was closer to my height than I thought
  • Nice triple flip + triple toe
  • Good speed through the sit spin
  • It takes a couple rotations to get the camel spin centered but he has great flexibility through the catchfoot and donut variations
  • Solid triple lutz
  • Really nice speed and positions in his final combination spin

Andrew Nagode: 23.02 TES + 25.89 PCS -1.00 = 47.91 and into 8th place

  • He is 16 and skating to Sherlock Holmes
  • Fall on his opening triple jump, supposed to be a combination
  • Hangs on to the solo triple lutz
  • He needs more stretch through this upright spin position
  • Really low getting into the camel spin and it looks like his supporting ankle gets bent in a funny way
  • Good double axel
  • Wobbly on some of these edges in the step sequence and not a lot of full body movement

Harrison Choate: 23.03 TES + 25.15 PCS -3.00 = 45.18 and into 9th place

  • He is 18 years old and is skating to the Barber of Seville
  • Just can’t hang on to the triple flip + triple toe and falls out of the second jump
  • Fall on his triple lutz
  • Really nice camel spin position and a good catch foot variation
  • Great spread eagles including an inside edge spread eagle
  • Double axel looked a bit off in the air but he hung on
  • Nice positions in his combination spin and good speed in time with the music
  • Tough one foot section but he could use a little more power through this step sequence.  He reminds me a lot of Ryan Bradley and I’d like to see him bring a little bit of that lightness to these steps
  • Falls going into his flying spin and misses the element completely
  • Really off day for Choate.  Such a shame!

Troy Tomasello: 29.15 TES + 25.75 PCS -1.00 = 53.90 and into 7th place

  • Triple flip + triple toe was a bit off on the landing but he hangs on to it
  • Really nice sit spin position with a great broken leg variation
  • This kind of reminds me of Keegan Messing’s Robin Hood program
  • Lots of height on the triple lutz but he can’t hang on to it and falls
  • Big bobble on the change of foot in his spin but he’s able to keep going
  • Good camel position but he needs more stretch through the catchfoot
  • Good double axel
  • Looked like he didn’t have enough choreography at the end of the program and a bit of an awkward smile once the music ended
Place Start No. Name Score
1 1 Timothy Dolensky, Atlanta FSC 63.20
2 9 Nathan Chen, Oval FSC 63.15
3 8 Timothy Koleto, Broadmoor SC 59.18
4 2 Lukas Kaugars, Broadmoor SC 57.96
5 5 Philip Warren, All Year FSC 57.42
6 4 Jay Yostanto, All Year FSC 54.72
7 12 Troy Tomasello, Strongsville SC 53.90
8 7 David Wang, All Year FSC 52.62
9 10 Andrew Nagode, University of DE FSC 47.91
10 11 Harrison Choate, SC Of Boston 45.18
11 3 Ryan Hartley, Queen City FSC 44.67
12 6 Emmanuel Savary, SC of NY 36.37