U.S. Nationals: Novice Compulsory Dance: Paso Doble

  1. Grant/Skala: 15.21 TES + 14.38 PCS = 20.71 Total 40.30
    1. I’d like to see them attack this a little bit more and I’d like to see something from them facially
    2. I’d like to see them have more power through their legs as well and make all the movements a little bigger
    3. They have a good connection with each other and good timing
  2. DeMaria/Miller: 13.34 TES + 13.08 PCS = 18.49 Total 38.01 and into 2nd place
    1. I love their costumes and the attack they have entering the ice and that they’re in character before the program starts
    2. Their body movements nicely convey the paso feeling but her face looks a little tentative
    3. Their upper body carriage is exquisite
    4. They have some nice timing with each other and with the music
    5. She has some nice faces at the end
  3. Schmucker/Munday: 15.04 TES + 15.02 PCS = 21.04 Total: 42.41 and into 1st place
    1. They have great attack and facials at the top of their program
    2. They have some nice speed through the pattern dance
    3. I’d like to see them keep their facials up through the whole program
    4. It looks like there was a slight bobble in the middle but it didn’t throw them off the steps
    5. They turned on the facials again at the end through the choreography
  4. Moore/Klaber: 16.78 TES + 16.42 PCS = 23.24 Total: 45.98 and into 1st place
    1. I love her use of arms at the beginning of the program
    2. Their movements through the pattern dance are very crisp but I’d like to see her straighten through her knees a little more
    3. They’ve lost some of their attack and seem slow getting into their ending pose
  5. Jeandell/Dodge: 14.20 TES + 13.62 PCS = 19.47 Total: 37.68 and into 5th place
    1. I appreciate that they’re trying something different for costumes but the hot pink is a little much
    2. She seems a little tentative through the opening section
    3. Their arm accents seem to be a little off the music
    4. Bobble into the ending pose
  6. Hawayek/Bramante: 17.44 TES + 16.54 PCS = 23.79 Total: 47.88 and into 1st place
    1. She’s really a performer but I’d like to see her work on some of her arm positions especially in the beginning pose
    2. Her dress is a nice color and flows really well on the ice
    3. She has tons of facials at the end
  7. Howe/Farmer: 13.85 TES + 14.53 PCS = 19.87 Total: 39.86 and into 5th place
    1. They have some nice speed through the Pattern Dance
    2. Some of her arm accents seem off the music
    3. Some nice choreography at the end including a split lift into the ending pose
  8. Parsons/Parsons: 20.44 TES + 18.65 PCS = 27.36 Total: 52.36 and into 1st place
    1. At 13 and 15 they are probably the youngest team in this event
    2. Her skirt has great movement when she skates and turns
    3. They have very crisp leg movements and great timing
    4. I like her head carriage throughout the Pattern Dance
    5. I think this team could have a bright future considering how young they are, but I’d like them to work on their performance quality
    6. Great rotational lift at the end with her in a catch foot position and nice speed
  9. Mancini/Brooks: 17.58 TES + 17.43 PCS = 24.51 Total: 48.68 and into 2nd place
    1. I can’t decide if I like her arm fabric or not
    2. This is an interesting team because she is so much shorter than him–she barely comes up to his shoulder and I think this leads to some awkward arm holds from them where neither of their arms appear to be in the right position
    3. They kind of slip out of their final position
  10. Oi/Jahnke: 16.69 TES + 15.98 PCS = 22.87 Total: 44.41 and into 5th place
    1. I really want her to stretch her legs through all these positions
    2. She looks like she’s looking down through a lot of this program
    3. Interesting ending pose but she has a hard time getting out of it
  11. Pogrebinsky/Gudis: 18.07 TES + 16.48 PCS = 24.19 Total: 47.15 and into 4th place
    1. She’s only 12 years old and he’s 15 so this team has a lot of time in front of them to develop and climb the ranks
    2. Some of these movements off the top look a little stiff and awkward
    3. I’d like to see her look up and really perform
    4. They have a great rotational lift at the end that ends in their ending pose
  12. Deissroth/Mueller: 12.55 TES + 12.69 PCS = 17.67 Total: 36.22 and into 12th place
    1. Her costume looks like it belongs to a Firebird program
    2. They have nice use of their arms and upper body
    3. They have some nice choreography and really hit and hold their ending pose