U.S. Nationals: Novice Men’s Free Skate

Tony Lu:

Wilbur Ji:

Oleksiy Melnyk:

Chase Belmontes:

Brian Krentz:

Kyle Shropshire: 37.69 TES + 39.35 PCS = 77.04 Total: 116.16 and into 3rd place

  • Nice double axel + triple toe to open the program
  • Step out of the triple flip
  • Nice solid triple toe
  • Good camel spin position but it takes him a bit to make the transition into the sit portion of the spin
  • Step out of the triple salchow
  • Not a very attractive broken leg position in the camel but a nice broken leg in the sit position
  • Good double flip
  • Triple lutz + double toe + single loop
  • Interesting hydroblade with his free leg up in the air
  • He doesn’t seem to have enough umph behind this step sequence and there isn’t a lot of use of his upper body
  • Good double axel but his free leg was really low on the landing

Vincent Zhou: 59.56 TES + 52.95 PCS = 112.51  Total: 164.96

  •  I love how excited he was to see himself on the jumbotron!
  • Nice solid opening triple lutz with a good ride out on the landing
  • Good triple flip
  • Double axel + triple toe
  • Nice stretched out positions in his spin and while he doesn’t have a lot of speed it remains constant
  • A little forward on the trople loop but he hangs on
  • Nice camel position but he needs a little more stretch through the catch foot
  • Nice triple flip + double toe
  • Good speed and ice coverage through this footwork into his triple lutz + double toe + double loop
  • He rotates so quickly
  • Nice use of his upper body throughout this step sequence and he really gets across the ice quickly
  • Triple salchow with a one arm variation on the landing
  • Really nice sit spin position with a twist and good speed
  • WOW!  He nailed it and got people on their feet.

Jimmy Ma: 39.32 TES + 46.09 PCS = 85.41 Total: 129.29 and into 2nd place

  • He opens with a triple + double toe + double loop
  • I’m not sold on his jump technique as he gets hunched over and clenches his hands before takeoff but it seems to be working for him for now
  • Another beautiful triple flip
  • Triple toe + double toe combo right on the music with great height
  • Another nice triple
  • Pops open his double axel into a single axel + single toe combo
  • Triple flip and he hangs on to the landing
  • The thing I really like about novice events is that the crowd is quieter and you can hear the coach’s reaction
  • Double axel was a struggle, probably only a single
  • Lots of turns in this step sequence and a few difficult stops of rotation
  • Nice twisted sit position

Nicholas Vrdoljak: 37.45 TES + 40.77 PCS -1.00 = 77.22 Total: 123.82 and into 4th place

  •  Triple toe + triple toe to open his program
  • Triple flip a little forward on the landing
  • Fall on the triple lutz
  • Very nice camel position but he could be lower on his sit spin
  • Pops open the flip into a single + double toe
  • Single axel + double toe
  • Good twisted camel position with nice speed into a nice broken leg sit spin
  • He seems to be wobbling on a few of these edge changes in the one foot section of his footwork but I really like how the movement flows through his whole body
  • Double salchow
  • Double axel with a really low landing but he hangs on to it
  • Nice speed in the twisted sit spin

Kevin Shum: 39.28 TES + 42.55 PCS = 81.83 Total: 132.68 and into 2nd place

  •  Pops his opening jump into a single
  • Single lutz
  • He has a wonderful arabesque position and it really shows in the camel and I even like his triangle position
  • I like that he still has a pleasant expression on his face after two big mistakes
  • Single loop
  • Triple flip
  • Really close to the boards in a section of his footwork but he keeps pushing through it
  • I’d really like to see him stretch through this footwork and really over emphasize the lyrical quality
  • Triple lutz + double toe + double loop with a one arm variation
  • Really good twisted sit position
  • Triple loop + double toe with a little bit of a step back on the second jump
  • Double axel + single toe
  • I really like that he never gave up on this program despite the problems in the beginning.  That says A LOT about him as a competitor that he fought through and came back with a strong finish.

James Schetelich: 44.40 TES + 48.92 PCS = 93.32 Total: 139.77 and into 2nd place

  •  Triple lutz + double toe to open his program
  • Double loop and he never got his body fully pulled in for the rotation
  • Triple flip + double toe
  • Triple lutz
  • Nice position in his camel spin with a nice transition into the catch foot and good speed
  • Double axel and he catches his free leg on the landing and stumbles a bit
  • He could use more stretch through his free leg in the sit position and his working leg in the upright position
  •  A lot of twists and turns in the step sequence but not much in his upper body
  • Triple flip
  • Triple salchow
  • Nice transitions between positions in his final spin

Spencer Howe: 45.26 TES + 43.90 PCS -1.00 = 88.16 Total: 134.22 and into 3rd place

  • Triple lutz and he squeezes out the landing
  • Triple toe
  • Triple loop was close to the boards but he lands it
  • Good camel spin position into a really nice sit spin position with great speed
  • Really nice twisted sit spin position
  • Triple salchow + double toe with no speed at the end of either jump
  • Really hard fall on the triple toe and he lands almost on his back
  • Nice triple salchow to recover
  • Solid double axel into another double axel for the sequence
  • Lots of difficulty in these steps but not much ice coverage of speed
  • Really close to the boards on this final spin…he looked like he was going to hit it on a few of the position changes
Place Start No. Name Short Program Free Skate Total Score
Place Score Place Score
1 7 Vincent Zhou, Peninsula SC 1 52.45 1 112.51 164.96
2 11 James Schetelich, SC of NY 4 46.45 2 93.32 139.77
3 12 Spencer Howe, Los Angeles FSC 5 46.06 3 88.16 134.22
4 10 Kevin Shum, St. Moritz ISC 2 50.85 7 81.83 132.68
5 8 Jimmy Ma, SC of NY 6 43.88 4 85.41 129.29
6 5 Brian Krentz, Skokie Valley SC 7 42.06 6 81.99 124.05
7 9 Nicholas Vrdoljak, DuPage FSC 3 46.60 8 77.22 123.82
8 4 Chase Belmontes, Broadmoor SC 10 40.24 5 82.86 123.10
9 6 Kyle Shropshire, Wagon Wheel FSC 11 39.12 9 77.04 116.16
10 1 Tony Lu, SC of Wilmington 9 41.07 10 73.03 114.10
11 3 Oleksiy Melnyk, WA FSC 8 41.97 11 71.93 113.90
12 2 Wilbur Ji, SC of San Francisco 12 38.24 12 70.20 108.44