U.S. Nationals: Novice Pairs Short Program

Liu/Perini: 38.83 and into 1st place

Middleton/Hennings: 27.07 and into 2nd place

LoRusso/Habeeb: 18.07 and into 3rd place

Viola/Johnson: 21.89 TES + 28.59 PCS = 33.82 and into 2nd place

  • Opened with a nice double twist with her arms over the head but a little crashy on the landing
  • Nice lift with a good stretched out air positions but she could have more arch in her back
  • Nicely timed side by side triples with nice flair on the landing
  • Throw double loop–she was really forward on her toe in the landing but holds on
  • Really nice death spiral position with good speed
  • I like their relationship to each other on the ice in the step sequence and how they move around each other
  • Good positions in the pairs spin with a nice exit but a loss of speed at the end
  • Decent attack for a tango from a novice team

Klopstock/Phillips: 16.32 TES + 24.88 PCS = 27.60 and into 3rd place

  • She is 15 and he is 20 and they are skating to Pink Panther
  • They really held on to the landings of their side by side triples
  • Double twist was completely vertical as opposed to the horizontal twist you’ll see from top teams
  • She two footed the landing of their throw double
  • They both could use some more stretch through their positions in the pair spin and better flow out of the element
  • Nice secure entry in to the lift but it looked like a bit of a struggle getting it down
  • They started their step sequence in the middle of the rink so they really limited themselves to the number of steps they could do for a level
  • Good death spiral but a bit of an awkward exit

Zaitsev/Utah Stevens: 33.90 and into 2nd place

  • She is 13 and he is 18 and they are skating to Chardash
  • Nice entry to the lift and I really like her carriage, including her head position
  • Nice throw double loop, very speedy with a solid landing
  • Really nice double twist with the arms over the head, fast rotation and a clean catch
  • A little bit of trouble on the side by side jumps but they land them
  • Really nice death spiral position for her with a change of hold for him
  • Good speed and timing with the music in this step sequence and I like how close they are to each other throughout the first half
  • I’d like to see more expression from them since all their elements are so nice
  • Good speed through the pair spin with nice stretched out positions
  • Really solid skate

Shaughnessy/Morgan: 24.97 TES + 30.28 PCS = 37.02 and into 2nd place

  • An internet glitch made me miss the beginning
  • She needs to have more arch in her back in the lift, but they have nice entry and exit and good speed
  • Good solo triple from her, a little bobble from him
  • She has really nice expression on the ice throughout this step sequence and they have some nice arm nuances
  • Very nice position in this pairs spin with a great relationship between the two of them
  • Not a lot of height in the double twist but a mostly clean catch
  • I really like all the transitions and choreographic details in their program
  • She could use more arch through this death spiral and they lose a lot of speed after the change of hold

Smith/Evans: 18.06 TES + 24.60 PCS = 27.91 and into 5th place

  • She is 18 and he is 20 and they are skating to Music of the Night
  • Nice speed through their pairs spin but they really need to work on extending through their positions
  • Throw double loop had hesitation before the takeoff and she puts a hand down
  • Their double twist was completely vertical
  • She falls on their side by side toes
  • I’d like to see them really power through this step sequence
  • Nice entry to the left but she really needs to stretch through the split position
  • Good death spiral position with nice speed and a change of hold with a nice exit

Donahoe/Rappold: 12.12 TES + 18.90 PCS = 20.78 and into 8th place

  • She is 18 and he is 24 and they are skating to Legends of the Fall
  • Really nice entry to the hip lift with a good split position but it seems a little bobbly in places
  • Nice speed through the pairs spin but a really awkward change of direction with complete loss of speed
  • Really awkward entry into their throw double with a low takeoff
  • She two foots the landing of their side by side jumps
  • Single twist–she doesn’t even leave his hands and is completely vertical
  • They don’t really seem to be skating to their music at all through the step sequence
  • Good death spiral position but sort on an awkward exit
  • They finished about 4 beats before their music ended

Fields/Pacini: 26.70 TES + 30.21 PCS = 38.13 and into 2nd place

  • She is 16 and he is 22 and they are skating to The Filk Machine
  • Great expression and personality right from the beginning of their program
  • Nice double twist with a clean catch and the arms over the head
  • Really nice throw double axel with a clean landing
  • Great speed going into their side by side jumps and although they were close to the boards, they nailed it
  • Really nice position in the overhead lift with a one arm exit
  • Good speed and positions through the pairs spin, but a bit of an awkward transition on the change of direction and out of the element
  • They keep a really close distance between each other in the step sequence with great unison
  • Nice death spiral position but they could use a little bit more speed
  • Really nice skate

Thomas/Fu: 6.22 TES + 15.34 PCS -2.00 = 13.11 and into 11th place

  • Interesting backwards lift but he drops her on her head.  It looks like she’s ok though and they’re still going
  • Single twist and she doesn’t get any height
  • Good side by side jumps
  • She is laying completely flat on the ice in the death spiral
  • She looks terrified going into the throw double salchow and never closes in her air position and really struggles to land it
  • Not a lot of speed in the step sequence and a lot of bobbles
  • Some bad posture in their pairs spin
  • They finished well before their music

Xu/Przepioski: 14.08 TES + 17.92 PCS -2.00 = 20.10 and into 10th place

  • She is 13 and he is 21 and they are skating to Zorba’s Dance
  • She falls on their side by side jumps
  • Good death spiral position but they only do one rotation
  • She looks a little terrified out there
  • Double twist but he almost doesn’t catch her and her feet hit the ice
  • Through the legs and into the overhead lift and now a big smile from her!
  • She falls on the throw double loop but he doesn’t give her much to work with as the throw doesn’t go anywhere
  • She seems like she’s trying to keep up with him the whole time in the step sequence and he bobbled on a twizzle
Place Start No. Name Score
1 1 Chelsea Liu, Broadmoor SC
Devin Perini, Los Angeles FSC
2 10 Caitlin Fields, Coyotes SC of AZ
Jason Pacini, Fort Collins FSC
3 7 Alexandria Shaughnessy, SC Of Boston
James Morgan, SC Of Boston
4 6 Christina Zaitsev, IN World Sk Acad FSC
Ernie Utah Stevens, IN World Sk Acad FSC
5 4 Danielle Viola, WA FSC
Alexander Johnson, Broadmoor SC
6 8 Allison Smith, Dallas FSC
Anthony Evans, Stars FSC of TX
7 5 Hannah Klopstock, Orange County FSC
Chadwick Phillips, Los Angeles FSC
8 2 Elise Middleton, Los Angeles FSC
Robert Hennings, Los Angeles FSC
9 9 Alexis Donahoe, Charleston FSC
James Rappold, Charleston FSC
10 12 Nancy Xu, Peninsula SC
Robert Przepioski, Peninsula SC
11 3 Victoria LoRusso, SC Of Boston
Timothy Habeeb, Colonial FSC
12 11 Lianna Thomas, SC of NY
Gene Fu, SC of NY