U.S. Nationals Schedule

This event takes place in San Jose, California.  All times listed below are in EST and begin in the afternoon.  I have bolded the events I plan to cover live and made a note if my coverage will begin after the event start time.  I have also listed the viewing times on NBC.  Delayed coverage of the novice events should be available on Tuesday the 24th.  Please check back for any changes to this schedule.

Sunday, January 22nd
1:00-3:45 Novice Pattern Dance
4:00-5:25 Novice Ladies Short Program
5:45-7:10 Novice Men’s Short Program
7:25-9:00 Novice Pairs Short Program (my coverage begins at approx. 7:45)
10:30-12:20 Junior Men’s Short Program

Monday, January 23rd
1:30-3:05 Novice Free Dance
3:30-5:00 Novice Ladies Free Skate
6:45-8:25 Novice Men’s Free Skate (my coverage begins at approx. 7:45)
8:45-10:40 Novice Pairs Free Skate
11:45-1:15 Junior Ladies Short Program

Tuesday, January 24th
5:30-7:30 Junior Pairs Short Program
9:10-10:40 Junior Short Dance
11:00-12:40 Junior Men’s Free Skate

Wednesday, January 25th
4:00-6:10 Junior Free Dance
6:30-9:30 Junior Pairs Free Skate
12:00-1:40 Junior Ladies Free Skate

Thursday, January 26th
7:00-9:20 Senior Pairs Short Program (my coverage begins at approx. 7:45)
10:30-1:30 Senior Ladies Short Program

Friday, January 27th
5:30-7:50 Senior Short Dance
10:00-1:10 Senior Men’s Short Program

Saturday, January 28th
3:00-6:00 Senior Free Dance (NBC coverage 4:00-6:00)
7:00-11:00 Senior Ladies Free Skate (NBC coverage 9:00-11:00)
11:30-12:40 Senior Pairs Free Skate, early groups

Sunday, January 29th
12:30-2:15 Senior Men’s Free Skate, early groups (my coverage begins at approx. 1:15)
2:30-3:45 Senior Pairs Free Skate, later groups (NBC coverage 3:00-3:45)
4:00-6:00 Senior Men’s Free Skate, later groups  (NBC coverage 4:00-6:00)


  1. When do the exhibitions come on?

  2. The exhibition was on yesterday on NBC and should be available soon on Ice Network.