U.S. Nationals: Senior Pairs Short Program



Donlan/Speroff: 32.17 TES + 25.60 PCS = 57.77 and into 1st place

  • She has such beautiful extension through all of these transition moves
  • Nice triple twist with a good catch
  • Side by side triple toes were pretty good, not completely together on the landing though
  • Really nice entry to the hip hold with a perfect split position and an easy transition to the hand to hand hold with a one arm exit
  • Huge throw triple salchow with a gorgeous landing
  • Nice death spiral position right into the pairs spin; a little slow but nice positions and use of the arms

Fehr/Biver: 15.25 TES + 16.12 PCS = 31.37 and into 4th place

  • They are skating to Madagascar
  • Nice press up to a stomach hold with her in a catch foot position
  • She doubles the side by side loops
  • I’d like to see her legs a little more stretched out in the death spiral
  • Double twist but she is completely vertical
  • She two foots the landing of the throw triple salchow
  • They need more speed and power through this step sequence
  • They’re really traveling on the pairs spin and not a lot of speed

Denney/Coughlin: 33.90 TES + 27.98 PCS -1.00 = 60.88 and into 1st place

  • They are skating to East of Eden
  • Huge triple twist
  • Good unison on the triple toes
  • Nice press into the lift but she could stretch through her positions more; exit into a fish dance lift
  • She can’t hang on to the throw triple flip and falls but it was huge
  • I’d like to see her lower in the death spiral
  • Good speed in the pairs spin with nice positions and a nice connection

Poapst/Knierim: 29.42 TES + 24.01 PCS = 53.43 and into 3rd place

  • They are skating to Once Upon a December
  • Big triple twist
  • Nice throw triple salchow, maybe a little two footed on the landing
  • Good side by side double axels (he actually singled, on the playback)
  • Nice air positoin in the lift with a change of position to a hand to hand lift with one arm hold
  • Nice death spiral but I’d like to see her do something with her free arm
  • Nice unison and expression through the step sequence
  • Nice fast pairs spin with good positions

Scimeca/Dimitrov: 29.75 TES + 22.18 PCS= 51.93 and into 4th place

  •  A little crashy on the landing of the triple twist
  • Not great landings for either of them on teh side by side triple salchows
  • She hangs on to the throw triple flip even with an awkward air position
  • Nice low death spiral but he really lowers her onto the ice after the change of hold
  • Nice hip lift hold with her on her side and a cartwheel exit
  • Not a lot of speed in the first half of the pairs spin and a few of her positions could be more stretched out with her shoulders lowered

Zhang/Bartholomay: 27.82 TES + 21.75 PCS = 49.57 and into 5th place

  • They are skating to Gershwin’s piano concerto
  • She bobbles right at the beginning on a simple opening pose
  • Not a lot of height on the triple twist
  • Side by side triple toes; no unison on the landing and he has some struggles
  • Really nice landing on the throw triple
  • Good positions in the dance spin and while there’s not a lot of speed it remains consistent
  • Nice stretched out position from her in the lift although the position in the platter is less appealing
  • He is really a nice performer and sold that step sequence to the crowd
  • Interesting flip over his shoulder into the death spiral
  • She is really flat in her death spiral and it look like she touched down to the ice at one point

Andrews/Le Duc: 24.55 TES + 21.80 PCS -1.00 = 45.35 and into 7th place

  • Nice speed at the top of the program with a solid double twist
  • She falls on the side by side triple salchows
  • She two foots the landing of the throw triple toe
  • Lift straight up from the spiral and she holds the position with an exit into a dance lift
  • Nice death spiral position from her before the change of hold, but really flattens out after
  • A loss of unison at the top of their step sequence; when they separate into different choreography some of it doesn’t seem to mesh but that may be a timing issue as well
  • Some nice positions in the pairs spin with good speed

Marley/Brubaker: 36.26 TES + 29.54 PCS = 65.80 and into 1st place

  •   They are skating to Singing in the Rain
  • Nice side by side triple toes–she really hangs on to hers!
  • I love this dance transition in the middle in the hold
  • Nice easy triple twist and you can tell she’s thrilled when she lands it
  • Nice positions in the pairs spin and they could use a bit more speed through some of the transitions
  • Really great height and distance on the throw triple and she squeaks her free leg out
  • A really charming step sequence and you can hear the crowd cheering for them
  • Nice position in the lift with a good change to the hand to hand hold with a one arm exit
  • Good death spiral position for her, he has to put a hand down as he loses his balance but they hang on to it
  • They have the crowd on their feet!

Castelli/Shnapir: 33.83 TES + 26.73 PCS = 60.56 and into 3rd place

  • They are skating to Phantom of the Opera
  • She has a gorgeous arabesque line
  • Super speed in to the triple twist but a bad landing
  • Good side by side triple toes
  • REally nice speed and interesting changes of positions in the pairs spin but I’d like to see her relax her shoulders in the upright catchfoot position
  • Huge throw triple salchow and she really hangs on to the landing
  • Good death spiral but she starts to flatten out halfway through
  • He presses her up from the knee with a change in rotation during the lift
  • He really flings her around in some of these transitions in some unique moves

Evora/Ladwig: 33.67 TES + 28.60 PCS -1.00 = 61.27 and into 2nd place

  • Her dress is stunning on her and the color really suits her well
  • Nice triple twist with a fast rotation
  • She stumbles and falls on the side by side triple toes
  • Good positions in the pairs spin with a nice exit out of the element
  • Really nice throw triple loop with good ice coverage and a solid landing
  • Nice step sequence with good edges and nice transitions
  • Hip hold lift with her on her side into a beautiful hand to hand lift and a drop to the fish for an exit
  • Good death spiral position with a nice change of hold

Cain/Reagan: 28.07 TES + 24.97 PCS = 53.04 and into 7th place

  • They are skating to Moon River
  • Her costume is so elegant
  • She has such wonderful expression on the ice and I love that they do the majority of their step sequence in a dance hold
  • Rock solid triple salchows
  • With her long legs she gets nice positions in the lift and a nice cartwheel exit
  • She steps out of the throw triple flip
  • Nice double twist
  • He is really a strong and solid pairs partner since they are nearly the same height and he has no problems getting her up in the lifts and throws
  • Nice position in the pairs spin with decent speed
Place Start No. Name Score
1 10 Mary Beth Marley, DuPage FSC
Rockne Brubaker, All Year FSC
2 12 Amanda Evora, Southwest FL FSC
Mark Ladwig, Red River Valley FSC
3 5 Caydee Denney, Broadmoor SC
John Coughlin, KS City FSC
4 11 Marissa Castelli, SC Of Boston
Simon Shnapir, SC Of Boston
5 3 Gretchen Donlan, SC Of Boston
Andrew Speroff, SC Of Boston
6 6 Andrea Poapst, Broadmoor SC
Christopher Knierim, Broadmoor SC
7 13 Ashley Cain, Stars FSC of TX
Joshua Reagan, Stars FSC of TX
8 7 Alexa Scimeca, DuPage FSC
Ivan Dimitrov, Individual Member
9 8 Felicia Zhang, SC of NY
Nathan Bartholomay, University of DE FSC
10 1 Tiffany Vise, Broadmoor SC
Don Baldwin, Los Angeles FSC
11 9 Cassie Andrews, IN World Sk Acad FSC
Timothy LeDuc, Eastern IA FSC
12 2 Kloe Chanel Bautista, All Year FSC
Tyler Harris, SC Of Boston
13 4 Rita Fehr, Eau Claire FSC
Peter Biver, St. Paul FSC