US International Figure Skating Classic Ladies Free Skate

Dimitra Korri, GRE: 30.39 TES + 29.87 PCS = 60.26  Total: 91.62

  • Very slow into her double axel and hands down on the landing
  • Double flip + double toe and has to put her foot down on the 2nd landing
  • Double salchow
  • Could use more stretch through her camel spin but a nice low sit position; slow but speed maintained throughout
  • A bit wobbly on some of the one foot steps in her step sequence and not a lot of speed or flow across the ice
  • Double flip
  • Double axel + double toe
  • Double lutz + double toe + double toe
  • Double loop
  • Nice low sit spin into a good back tuck position
  • Good flexibility through the catch foot camel spin into a nice broken leg sit spin
  • Good spiral and really nice hydroblade in her choreographic step sequence

Brittany Lau, SIN: 26.25 TES + 30.40 PCS -1.00 = 55.65 Total: 83.44 and into 2nd place

  • Double flip + double toe
  • Really up on the ice in her step sequence and not down into her edges at all
  • Good speed in her spin but not a lot of flexibility through the positions and losing some centering through the position changes
  • Solid double flip
  • Spread eagle into a double axel–not enough speed going in, bobbles the landing and can’t hold on to it and falls
  • Decent spirals in her choreographic sequence
  • Double lutz + double loop–supposed to be a 3 jump combo but can’t get last jump off
  • Not a lot of speed through these transitions and it looks like she’s marking the choreography
  • Double loop + double loop + double loop
  • Struggles in her spin and seems to have to abort some of the positions
  • Double flip
  • Double loop
  • Ok layback into an ok Biellman
  • Seemed to finish several seconds behind her music

Georgia Glastris, GRE: 25.24 TES + 32.79 PCS = 58.03  Total: 89.58 and into 2nd place

  • Big telegraphing into the double axel and messy landing
  • Triple salchow + double toe–she has nice toe point in her jumps
  • Double flip + double toe–turned out and didn’t get off what looked to be her 3rd jump
  • No speed at the end of her combination spin
  • Double lutz step out
  • Double salchow
  • Decent layback spin but she could work on her arm position into a nice Biellman
  • Double salchow
  • Double flip
  • Nice flexibility through the spiral positions in the choreographic step sequence but a little tight on the center leap
  • Decent camel position but she could use more stretch through her sits, ending with a nice upright spin

Clara Peters, IRL: 27.68 TES + 32.79 PCS -2.00 = 58.47  Total: 88.33 and into 3rd place

  • Opened with her sit spin with a flying change of foot
  • Double axel with a big ice spray on the take off but nicely landed
  • Triple salchow feet get tied up under her and a fall
  • Double loop
  • No arch on the layback and losing speed through the haircutter
  • Bobbles on one of the turns in the step sequence and has to put her free leg down; I’d like to see more stretch through her free let through all these sequences to get a better line
  • Double loop + double loop
  • Double axel hand down and then fall
  • Double flip
  • She seems to be skating hunched over a lot of the time and I think that’s hurting her in the jumps
  • Double lutz
  • Needs more elevation in the free leg in the camel and more stretch through all of these positions and more speed

Melanie Yuung-Hui Chang, TPE: 33.59 TES + 34.53 PCS = 68.12 Total: 109.74 and into 1st place

  • Triple loop
  • Triple toe loop hand down
  • Popped salchow
  • A bit slow on the combination spin
  • Triple salchow
  • Triple toe down on her side and only manages to tack on a single toe
  • Double axel turn out but free leg stays up
  • Nice twisted sit spin but losing all speed through the back sit variation
  • Decent flexibility through the spirals in the choreographic sequence
  • Single axel
  • Better camel spin but could use more stretch through these positions and no speed or arch in the layback

Crystal Kiang, TPE: 30.70 TES + 36.14 PCS = 66.84 Total: 100.57 and into 2nd place

  • Two footed landing on the triple flip
  • Triple loop two footed + double loop
  • Double lutz
  • Good speed in the camel spin into a nice sit spin; good camel spin after the change of foot
  • Good flow through the step sequence but she could use more of her upper body to get higher levels
  • Gorgeous spiral and nice split jump
  • Triple loop two footed
  • Double axel + double toe
  • Spiral into a double axel, a little back on the landing but hangs on
  • Double lutz + double loop + double loop back on the landing again
  • Good stretch through her sit spin but could be in a lower position, decent layback and nice Biellman but she needs more speed
  • Nice backwards sit spin with a twist and the leg straight out

Sandy Hoffman, GER: 42.01 TES + 37.86 PCS = 79.87 Total: 124.18 and into 1st place

  • Double toe
  • Spiral into a triple loop
  • Double axel
  • Triple salchow + double toe
  • Triple salchow fighting for the landing a bit
  • Nice flexibility and speed through the catch foot positions in her camel spin
  • Really nice Biellman spin
  • She could use her edges a bit more through the step sequence
  • Triple loop + single toe
  • Double axel ekes out the landing and tacks out a single toe + single loop
  • Great flexibility through her upright catchfoot spin

Chelsea Chiappa, HUN: 25.18 TES + 33.19 PCS -1.00 = 57.37 Total: 90.14 and into 5th place

  • Double axel hanging on to the landing
  • Odd landing on the triple toe with a two foot
  • Triple salchow two footed landing and really struggles to hold her balance
  • Big free leg kick out on double flip
  • Needs more flexibility through camel spin, misses her foot in the catch foot and struggles with centering
  • I think this music is a bit much for her to interpret
  • Double axel + double toe
  • Slow on the back tuck position in the sit spin
  • Not a lot of transitions or connection with the music
  • Double flip two footed landing and turn out
  • Triple salchow hand down and then a fall
  • Better camel spin into a good low sit position and a nice upright catchfoot spin
  • Very choppy and on top of her edges in the step sequence and not a lot of speed or flow across the ice

Samantha Cesario, USA: TES + PCS = 109.38 Total: 157.29

  • Sorry I missed this one!  Computer died but should be back up soon.

Courtney Hicks, USA: TES + PCS = 117.08  Total: 171.88

Amelie Lacoste, CAN: 96.94 Total: 147.88

Agnes Zawadzki, USA: 42.79 TES + 53.21 PCS – 1.00 = 95.00  Total: 151.27 and into 3rd place

Gracie Gold, USA: 49.05 TES + 58.14 PCS -1.00 = 106.19 Total: 164.68 and into 2nd place

  • Huge triple lutz + triple toe
  • Popped her double axel into a single
  • Double loop
  • Good camel spin position with a nice catchfoot and good speed throughout
  • Nice stretch through her arms and legs in all of these transition moves and good speed and flow through her step sequence with some difficult edge changes
  • Her connection to the music is better but in some places she still seems to me moving through it
  • Double flip
  • Spiral into a single lutz
  • Triple salchow
  • Good camel spin into a nice broken leg postion, good stretch and speed through the sit position
  • Nice spirals in her choreographic sequence
  • Double axel + double toe + double toe
  • Nice layback into a good Biellman but losing just a bit of speed
Place Start No. Name Short Program Free Skate Total Score
Place Score Place Score
1 10 Courtney Hicks, USA 3 54.80 1 117.08 171.88
2 13 Gracie Gold, USA 1 58.49 3 106.19 164.68
3 9 Samantha Cesario, USA 5 47.91 2 109.38 157.29
4 12 Agnes Zawadzki, USA 2 56.27 5 95.00 151.27
5 11 Amelie Lacoste, CAN 4 50.94 4 96.94 147.88
6 7 Sandy Hoffmann, GER 6 44.31 6 79.87 124.18
7 5 Melanie Yuung-Hui Chang, TPE 7 41.62 7 68.12 109.74
8 6 Crystal Kiang, TPE 8 33.73 8 66.84 100.57
9 1 Dimitra Korri, GRE 11 31.36 9 60.26 91.62
10 8 Chelsea Chiappa, HUN 9 32.77 12 57.37 90.14
11 3 Georgia Glastris, GRE 10 31.55 11 58.03 89.58
12 4 Clara Peters, IRL 13 29.86 10 58.47 88.33
13 2 Brittany Lau, SIN 14 27.79 13 55.65 83.44
WD Danielle Montalbano, ISR 12 30.56