US Nationals Junior Pairs Short Program

Group 1

Fujimoto/Barsi-Rhyne: 20.89 TES + 17.72 PCS = 38.61

  • Nice ease into the back press lift with a good arched catch foot position from her
  • Ok double twist but a crashy landing
  • Not a lot of speed going into the throw double salchow but they pull it out
  • good death spiral
  • Double flips were nice and they rotate in opposite directions
  • A little slow on their side by side spins but good distance and unison
Pfund/Reiss: 21.88 TES + 21.05 PCS -2.00 = 40.93 and into 1st place

  • Nice double twist but she almost got away from him on the landing
  • Big throw triple salchow with a nice landing
  • She stepped out and then fell out of the side by side double axels
  • Off on the timing in places in their side by side spins and traveling away from each other
  • Nice unison in their step sequence but they seem a bit choppy in places
  • She could pull up more in the lift since she seems to be slouching a bit
  • She loses her edge on the death spiral and falls and they finish a few beats before their music ends
  • They look really unhappy with that performance
Simpson/Blackmer: 26.73 TES + 23.52 PCS = 50.25 and into 1st place

  • Big, clean throw double twist
  • Nice speed and good landing on the throw triple salchow
  • Nice air position in the lift with good stretch through the change of position but it looked like she got stuck for a second in the dismount
  • Good side by side double axels, nicely timed
  • She could have more arch in her back and stretch through her free leg in the death spiral
  • This team is great but they are almost identical in height which could make tricks like the triple twist difficult to achieve
  • Nice side by side spin positions; losing their unison a bit in places
Belt/Johnson: 19.86 TES + 18.16 PCS = 38.02 and into 4th place

  • Nice double twist; not a lot of height but elegantly done
  • Not a great air position in the lift; it looks like she’s struggling to hold it and is a bit awkward looking
  • Off in the unison of their side by side double flips
  • Decent throw double salchow but not a lot of height or ice coverage
  • Ok death spiral position and nice and low to the ice
  • Lots of flexibility in their spin positions, good matching lines, good unison and nice speed
  • I think they finished their music early as they had to keep repeating poses at the end before they got to the final pose
Group 2
Fields/Pacini: 24.41 TES + 19.38 PCS = 43.79 and into 2nd place

  • Really nice side by side double axels
  • Her hip is hiked up in the opening position of their lift but she hits two nice positions after the changes
  • Good double twist with arms overhead and a clean catch
  • She two foots the landing of the throw triple salchow
  • They could be a tad closer on their side by side spins, but nice unison and flexibility
  • Fun choreography in their step sequence but a bit choppy in places
  • Nice spiral into a really good death spiral–probably the best one of the day so far
Liu/Perini: 26.35 TES + 20.85 PCS = 47.20 and into 2nd place

  • This is their third season competing at nationals, 1st as juniors and htey’re finally old enough to compete internationally last season
  • Nice death spiral
  • Good side by side double flips
  • Good double twist with a nice easy catch
  • She has great extension through these transition moves
  • A little bit of hesitation into the throw triple salchow, but huge in the air, good toe point; she does put her hands down though
  • They could use more stretch through the sit position in their side by side spins
  • Fun choreography in the step sequence but he seems to be performing more than she is
  • Nice entry to the back press lift but she could have both legs lifted equally; into a nice split position after the change of position
Shaughnessy/Morgan: 19.28 TES + 18.17 PCS = 37.45 and into 7th place

  • She stepped out of the side by side double axels
  • A little two footed on the landing of the throw triple salchow but otherwise well done
  • She has really long legs so when she doesn’t fully stretch through some of these spin positions, it’s very noticeable
  • Not a great first position in the lift and then an awkward transition where it looked like she was going to kick him in the head; at the end it looked like they were muscling through the lift
  • Good double twist with a clean catch
  • Nice arch in the death spiral
Oltmanns/Santillan: 17.11 TES + 19.08 PCS -1.00 = 35.19 and into 8th place

  • Nice opening choreography really in time and character with the music and good twizzles too!
  • Great unison on the entry into their side by side double axels but she falls
  • Good timing on their side by side spins but she’s really traveling
  • Good double twist
  • A little bobble on the entry to their lift but a really difficult position and nice stretch from her
  • Great toe point and height on the throw triple salchow but she leans forward on the landing and never fully gets her free leg out
Group 3
Aaron/Settlage: 28.94 TES + 24.00 PCS = 52.94 and into 1st place

  • Because he is born on July 1st, they get an extra year of Junior international eligibility next season.
  • Nice double twist with her arms overhead and a good catch
  • This is a great vehicle for them because her carriage and lines are showcased perfectly as a swan
  • Nice side by side double axels
  • Huge throw triple salchow; she was a little forward on the landing but hung on with a good landing position
  • Good lift position with a nice one arm exit
  • Some of their spins they don’t have the same flexibility on so it ruins the unison look
  • Nice step sequence with good flow across the ice
  • Spiral into a death spiral with a good arch and a change of hold from him
Calalang/Sidhu: 27.60 TES + 20.72 PCS = 48.32 and into 3rd place

  • She turns out of the side by side double axels but keeps her free leg up
  • Good height on the double twist with her arms over head but a bit of a crashy landing
  • Nice throw triple salchow and she really had to fight for that landing since she came down awkwardly but she made it look easy
  • Off on the unison on their side by side spins but some nice positions
  • A little bit of difficiulty getting into the lift but nice position once she was up there
  • Nice timing with the music on their step sequence and very in character with the program
  • Interesting lead in to the death spiral but she could use a bit more arch
De la Mora/Wilson: 23.11 TES + 19.20 PCS = 42.31 and into 6th place

  • Really nice double twist with good height and a clean catch
  • She turned out of the side by side double axels but kept her free leg up
  • Interesting toss entry into the lift with a one hand hold
  • Nice throw triple salchow
  • Good arch in the death spiral
  • Good unison on their step sequence
  • Nice camel position to open their side by side spins; they could be closer together and they’ve lost their unison by the end
  • Finished before their music and hit their ending pose several beats early
Doherty/Norris: 11.83 TES + 15.57 PCS -1.00 = 26.40 and into 12th place

  • She singled the side by side double axels
  • Vertical double twist and she threw her head back at an awkward angle
  • She opened up on the throw salchow and had a two foot landing
  • She needs more stretch through her legs and arch in her back on the lift position
  • She loses her death spiral edge and falls
  • He’s a little wild on the camel spin but they have good unison on their side by side spins
Place Start No. Name Score
1 9 Madeline Aaron, Coyotes SC of Arizona
Max Settlage, Broadmoor SC
2 3 Britney Simpson, Broadmoor SC
Matthew Blackmer, Broadmoor SC
3 10 Jessica Noelle Calalang, DuPage FSC
Zack Sidhu, Las Vegas FSC
4 6 Chelsea Liu, St. Paul FSC
Devin Perini, Los Angeles FSC
5 5 Caitlin Fields, Coyotes SC of Arizona
Jason Pacini, Fort Collins FSC
6 11 Brianna de la Mora, Texas Gulf Coast FSC
Taylor Wilson, Texas Gulf Coast FSC
7 2 Jessica Pfund, Broadmoor SC
AJ Reiss, Los Angeles FSC
8 1 Cali Fujimoto, Peninsula SC
Nicholas Barsi-Rhyne, SC of Lake Placid
9 4 Caitlin Belt, University of Delaware FSC
Michael Johnson, University of Delaware FSC
10 7 Alexandria Shaughnessy, SC Of Boston
James Morgan, SC Of Boston
11 8 Olivia Oltmanns, Yarmouth Ice Club
Joshua Santillan, All Year FSC
12 12 Brenna Doherty, University of Delaware FSC
Craig Norris, St. Moritz ISC