2014 US Nationals Senior Ladies Short Program

Group 1

Ashley Cain, 34.89 TES + 26.56 PCS = 61.45

  • Great speed and flow through the beginning of her flamenco program
  • Triple flip + triple toe looked good
  • Triple loop nicely done
  • Great stretch through her sit spin but losing a little speed through the tuck position
  • Nice camel position into a good low sit spin and a nice upright position, maintaining the speed through the change of foot but the whole spin could be faster
  • Great double axel
  • Really nice layback spin but she could have more stretch through the one handed Biellman
  • Decent step sequence, could have more stretch through her free leg and be deeper in some of the edges to really push across the ice but great energy and fire

Franchesca Chiera, 29.47 TES + 23.34 PCS = 52.81 and into 2nd place

  • Great speed and height into her triple lutz but couldn’t control the landing and was a little too far forward
  • Triple flip + double toe tight on both jumps
  • Good speed on her spins but she could use more difficulty in the positions and more flexibility
  • Nice double axel
  • Losing speed through the back tuck position of her sit spin
  • Good flow through the step sequence but there seems to be a lot of kneeling and could have more variety through the choreography
  • Good haircutter with nice speed

Barbie Long, 31.64 TES + 23.91 PCS = 55.55 and into 2nd place

  • Nice stretch through her sit spin
  • I’d like to see her look up more as she seems to be focusing her gaze down at the ice
  • Great stretch and movement quality through her step sequence and very nicely timed with the music
  • Triple lutz + double toe with both arms over the head
  • Layback spin really nice with good arm variations and a nice Biellman
  • Good triple loop but a little tight on the landing
  • Nice double axel
  • A little behind the music on the combination spin

Joelle Forte, 28.91 TES + 21.62 PCS = 50.53 and into 4th place

  • Triple lutz + double toe
  • Nothing technically wrong with the top of this program but it seems like she’s marking through the steps a little bit and isn’t fully committing to the program
  • Nice double axel
  • She needs some work on her layback position and more flexibility in the haircutter as well
  • Slow through the step sequence and not a lot of push through the edges to get across the ice; she also seems to be losing her performance quality here and this is where you expect the performers to shine
  • Triple salchow
  • Good broken leg sit spin but losing speed through the back tuck position
  • Better speed and position in her camel spin but getting a little wild at the very end

Mariah Bell, 31.58 TES + 25.14 PCS = 56.72 and into 2nd place

  • Triple lutz + double toe with one arm variation–not a ton of height but nice position
  • Great triple
  • Very nice layback position with a nice stretched out Biellman but losing speed
  • Ahead of her music just a bit in the transition there
  • Nice steps into her double axel
  • Good performance quality in the step sequence and nice playful qualify of the movement to complement this Spanish theme and some good edge work
  • She could have more stretch through her free leg in the sit spin
  • Good camel position into a nice sit spin with a stretched out upright spin


Group 2

Caroline Zhang, 25.53 TES + 22.34 PCS = 47.87 and into 6th place

  • Triple loop + single loop with a messy two foot landing (supposed to be a triple triple)
  • Nice triple flip with good height
  • Could be a lot lower in her sit spin positions
  • Great height and nice landing on her double axel
  • Nice camel position
  • A nice soft quality to this step sequence while maintaining the difficulty in edge changes and some nice emoting from her as well
  • Great speed and position in the layback but losing some speed in the Biellman

Vanessa Lam, 26.53 TES + 22.45 PCS = 48.98 and into 6th place

  • Triple lutz fall out and hand down
  • Triple flip turn out double toe very tight
  • A little too speedy on her spins and doesn’t seem to fit with the music
  • She also seems to be rushing this step sequence and not just letting the movement happen and really flow with the music; taking a bit more time could also help her get into the edges more and improve the movement quality
  • Nice upright spin with good stretch
  • Ina Bauer into a spread eagle into a double axel
  • Nice illusion into a layback spin with a good haircutter and really nice Biellman

Yasmin Siraj, 22.39 TES + 23.28 PCS -1.00 = 44.67 and into 8th place

  • Triple toe + triple toe really off on the landing and falls on the 2nd jump
  • Popped her loop into a single and two footed the landing
  • Nice step sequence with good quality and variety of movement
  • Great speed on her sit spin with a nice change of foot
  • Flying camel spin with a good layback position variation
  • Nice double axel from a one foot entry
  • Really nice speed and arm position in her layback spin and a nice Biellman

Leah Keiser, 33.14 TES + 24.27 PCS = 57.41 and into 2nd place

  • She’s definitely all grown up and isn’t the tiny peanut who first competed as a senior two seasons ago
  • Gorgeous toe point in her triple toe + triple toe with nice tight air position and good speed
  • Very nice triple lutz with a solid landing
  • A little slow on her sit spin
  • A little bouncy on the step sequence, not quite in her edges, not a lot of flow and I’d like to see more of a performance from her
  • Very nice double axel
  • Good donut position in her camel spin with a good sit position and an interesting arm variation
  • Decent layback position into a really nice Biellman picking up speed
  • Great jumps but she could use work on some of the other elements to get the full package

Rachael Flatt, 22.57 TES + 24.00 PCS = 46.57 and into 9th place

  • Her dress is absolutely gorgeous and it’s nice to see her sporting a bun again
  • Popped her opening lutz
  • Nice triple flip + double toe
  • A decent layback position from her and an ok haircutter
  • Good double axel
  • Ok camel spin into a good catch foot variation
  • Camel spin with not very good illusions
  • Nice performance from her in the step sequence and a gorgeous spread eagle sequence–she really has grown as a performer and this program really shows it off


Group 3

Courtney Hicks, 29.35 TES + 23.34 PCS -1.00 = 51.69 and into 6th place

  • Couldn’t get her music started there and she has to restart
  • Triple flip turns in between not sure why + triple toe fall
  • Ok layback spin and I’d like to see better arm positions from her as well and more stretch through the Biellman
  • Very bouncy in this step sequence and not into her edges like she could be
  • She doesn’t seem to be fully committed to this program and seems to be going through some of the motions choreographically
  • She needs more stretch through her free leg in the camel spin and to stretch her working leg through the catch foot position
  • Tight on the landing of the triple lutz
  • Ok double axel
  • Not used to seeing this many jump errors from her
  • Signature Tw-Hicks spin into a nice stretched sit spin and ending with a good scratch spin

Angela Wang, 29.14 TES + 25.26 PCS = 54.40 and into 5th place

  • Very solid double axel with great ride out on the landing
  • Triple lutz hand down on the landing
  • She needs more stretch through these positions in her combination spin
  • Not enough push through the edges in this step sequence but a good variety of movement in the choreography
  • Triple flip a little forward on the landing but tacks on the double toe
  • Slow on the back sit spin
  • Good speed in the layback but I’d like to see a slightly better arm position; great speed in the Biellman

Mirai Nagasu, 36.97 TES + 28.47 PCS = 65.44 and into 1st place

  • Triple toe + triple toe looked really nice with even more height on the 2nd jump
  • Great speed in her catch foot camel spin with nice sit variations and ending with a fully extended upright spin
  • Flying camel spin with nice positions and speed and ease in the transition into the donut
  • This is such a light program and I’d love to see her be more playful and enjoying the moment more
  • Triple loop
  • Very nice changes of edge in her step sequence and good difficulty throughout
  • Great spread eagle into a double axel
  • Super speed on her layback with a beautiful Biellman to end it
  • She was on today!

Christina Gao, 32.68 TES + 28.23 PCS = 60.91 and into 3rd place

  • Triple toe + triple toe very solid and with lots of speed
  • A little bit tight on the landing of the double axel
  • Nice Ina Bauer into a flying sit spin
  • Triple loop just a bit off on the landing but should just effect GOE
  • Really nice speed on her layback and a good Biellman
  • There’s something just so likable about Christina’s skating
  • Three bobbles in her step sequence and that will cost her levels and points–looks like she got into the program too much and lost some concentration
  • Nice twisted camel spin and ending with a nice scratch spin

Gracie Gold, 40.34 TES + 31.78 PCS = 72.12 and into 1st place

  • Huge triple lutz + triple toe
  • Good speed in her layback and nice arm variations into a gorgeous Biellman
  • Good catch foot camel position and good speed throughout
  • Triple loop just a little bit tight on the landing
  • Nice double axel with a solid landing
  • A little bit of frantic arms in this step sequence but overall nicely done
  • Good speed and timing in her final combination spin


Group 4

Hannah Miller, 31.36 TES + 27.13 PCS -1.00 = 57.4 and into 5th place

  • Decent camel spin position with good stretch through the catchfoot
  • Nice triple lutz + double toe with both arms overhead
  • Good speed on her combination spin and her positions are very reminiscent of Akiko Suzuki
  • Good triple flip
  • Nice speed in her layback but losing it in the Biellman
  • Good push across the ice in her step sequence but not always seeming to match up with the music
  • Double axel got her feet tangled up under her and fell

Kiri Baga, 29.22 TES + 24.80 PCS = 54.02 and into 10th place

  • Triple toe + double toe with one arm variation
  • Nice triple salchow
  • Goodlow sit spin position with a good tuck position
  • Very nice camel position with good speed into a good sit position and nice stretch through her upright catch foot position
  • Good double axel
  • Very nice one foot sequence at the start of her footwork but it seems a little frantic and there could be more stretch through her free legs and she could be into the ice more
  • Nice layback position into a good haircutter and a beautiful Biellman

Ashley Wagner, 32.51 TES + 32.20 PCS = 64.71 and into 3rd place

  • Triple flip + double toe and tight on the landing–that mistake will cost her the short program win
  • Good sit spin positions
  • Good twisted camel spin but slow through the sit position
  • Nice triple loop
  • Really nice spiral into a double axel
  • Great choreography through the step sequence and very nice timing with the music
  • Good layback position into a nice Biellman

Agnes Zawadzki, 28.32 TES + 25.86 PCS = 54.18 and into 11th place

  • Triple toe + triple toe really not sure how she pulled that off
  • Double lutz
  • Nice layback spin but I’d like to see a different position for her hands into a nice Biellman but losing speed
  • Double axel really eked out the landing
  • A little slow on the camel spin but nice positions including a great catchfoot
  • I like the intensity behind this step sequence and she’s really attacking the movement and pushing across the ice
  • Good flexibility and toe point in her final upright spin

Samantha Cesario, 28.65 TES + 26.23 PCS = 54.88 and into 10th place

  • Triple loop + double loop tight on the landing
  • Very nice triple flip with a good landing position
  • Slow on her layback spin and seems to have a bit of trouble hanging on to the Biellman
  • Lots of fire and sass in this Fever program
  • Really off in the air on her double axel but she hangs on to the landing
  • A lot of little mistakes today but she’s been known for her free skate this season and should hopefully rebound strong
  • Nice musicality through the step sequence but not a lot of speed and flow–good stretch through the movement
  • Nice camel position on both feet and ending with an interesting twisted intermediate position

Polina Edmunds, 37.14 TES + 29.61 PCS = 66.75 and into 2nd place

  • Huge triple lutz + triple toe
  • Nice triple flip with good position on the landing
  • Good camel spin position into a nice donut spin and a good catchfoot
  • Good one foot section in her step sequence; a little bobbly and could be in her edges more
  • Good speed in her layback with a nice position into a great Biellman
  • Very nice double axel
  • Good speed through her final combination spin with good position variations
  • Fun, sassy and solid program from her.  What a debut!
Place Start Name Score
1 15 Gracie Gold, Wagon Wheel FSC 72.12
2 21 Polina Edmunds, Peninsula SC 66.75
3 13 Mirai Nagasu, Pasadena FSC 65.44
4 18 Ashley Wagner, SC of Wilmington 64.71
5 1 Ashley Cain, Stars FSC of Texas 61.45
6 14 Christina Gao, SC Of Boston 60.91
7 16 Hannah Miller, Lansing SC 57.49
8 9 Leah Keiser, All Year FSC 57.41
9 5 Mariah Bell, Rocky Mountain FSC 56.72
10 3 Barbie Long, Illinois Valley FSC 55.55
11 20 Samantha Cesario, SC of New York 54.88
12 12 Angela Wang, Salt Lake Figure Skating 54.40
13 19 Agnes Zawadzki, Broadmoor SC 54.18
14 17 Kiri Baga, SC Of Boston 54.02
15 2 Franchesca Chiera, Panthers FSC 52.81
16 11 Courtney Hicks, All Year FSC 51.69
17 4 Joelle Forte, SC of New York 50.53
18 7 Vanessa Lam, All Year FSC 48.98
19 6 Caroline Zhang, All Year FSC 47.87
20 10 Rachael Flatt, St. Moritz ISC 46.57
21 8 Yasmin Siraj, SC Of Boston 44.67